boom boom dolla

by - Friday, April 03, 2009

hehe i didnt know what to title this as? had to take off work to babysit cousins today! so i did online shopping and since i got payed today... i went and looked around for a camera LOL! and so i was looking at coolpix and got so so reviews and i ran across the fujifilm? and youtube it and waaaa i freaking love how it looks! sleek and yummy! i just ordered deco stuff from fullmoon for my new phone case and my camera boo... and i dont think i can deco this cam... the square face thing moves and protects the lens? mmm.. T_T idk what im going to do with all the deco i bought!!! maybe i should... do custom skins for electronics? wehehe im not sure how im going to promote that though ._. ive been making skins for my sidekick and thas it?? maybe i should ebay them off XD blah couldnt find the juicy couture one i made T_T but i found my tokidoki wehehe

oh this is what i forgot to take pics of? i freaking love cosmedicine cleanser! u dont use water? only to rinse it off and i use my cargo clothes with my purity foaming wash and laaalalala its amazing! i use cosmedicine when im too lazy to go to the wash room and rinse... just put that thing on and wipe it off with my sephora wipes and clean up other gunk with my lancome makeup remover :3

products im dying to buy? im putting my dior on hold and trying other skin care hehe dior is fine and dandy its just i want somethin not as thick? read reveiws and i want to try out the hope in a jar, shu eumura base with spf, i wanna try shiseido stuff out well the cleanse stuff :3 kinda shy'd away from them since every asian market i go to carries that brand and i thought it was eh... but seeing reviews ill give it a try! sephora is amazing hehe

gah too much shopping... online lool adambeauty, fullmoon deco thing, cherry culture, target.... stopping by sephora tomorow and buying peter thomas pads, hope in a jar, i really want peter thomas die for lash thing?!?!??!?! 125 bucks yo!!!! but it worksssss T_T i guess ill get it in... two weeks? XD AHAHA! im insane i know... need to hide my cards... bf might die if he sees blog XD

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