hope everyone had a good weekend

by - Monday, April 13, 2009

mmm easter went by in a flashh! no more lent wahhoooo! i think i was dying the whole time hahaha! i gave up junk food and soda? and i love how everyone eats that stuff infront of me -_- but yeah easterrr! did u guys hide eggs? ;D it was raining and icky over here? but only in the morning hehe afternoon was beautiful~ went to cousins house to celeb her bday and ate crawfish yum! i was getting sick though T_T i think i have a cold atm... nose is like runny... and feels like my heads about to explode! but yeah went shopping and bought me a juicy nail set, sephora face wipes, dior iconic mascara, and sephora cute mirror that was 9 bucks! i think it went on sale... i think it was 18 bucks??? not sure... wanted it back then hahaha XD

reviews on sephora wipes ;D i love them to be honest... and their makeup remover wipes? it just does the job right haha and the dior iconic i love the plumpy feel my lashes get and i love the brush? and theres no clumpyness hehe

blah i cant taste anything T_T mom got me some banh bao with red pork? my faveeeee! hehe but yeahhhh i think ill be cleaning all day and rest for the whole day X]

i guess ill make chao ga for me and chicken alfredo for everyone else tonight hahaha im more of a soup girl? mom always make soup even if we arnt sick haha its just comforting and soothing ;DDD i never made the chao ga before... but it sounds pretty simple? rice, water, chicken breast hehehe im going t atempt it! wish me luck

love u all :D

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