updating slowly and im sorry for that

im like.... so in wow with all the support ladies u have no idea! im getting love from every where and it makes me so happy! im getting better and its just a mess that happend... and i guess it just broke me down? i think all this... working everyday and school i guess i cant really do it or have enough strength to haha so i guess ill ask for more off days :]

but yeah thank you girls... i miss everyone and i felt bad leaving like the way i did but ill try to do better and feel better about myself i just get really down with negative feed back? i have low self esteem like no body else ._. cant really help it im a big baby so shush... i know it dont have to tell me? im like the girl who wants to be friends with everyone and never get on anyones bad side, but i guess i cant win them all? i have my faults im not perfect...

ill post on blogger more before i start doing vids again ><;; or ill post them on myspace and on here instead of youtube? idk im just fed up with it really... so i guess ill post for the ones who want to learn what i know so far :]
so thanks for being there for me and waiting i am really thankful for the support :]

-ok update! today was shipment day sooo just cleaned and good stuff like that? i did two girls makeup today and both bought all the stuff i used on themmmm :DDDD so happy hehe got tons of compliments by managers hehe :D i did a full face consultation and smokey eeyesssss hehe
-going on a hardcore diet and joining gym tomorow hopefully they will be open when i get off work D:
-learned a couple of tricks to share with u beautiful ladies soon!

Phiphi Nguyen


Annie said...

i hope you'll feel better and update regularly~

i miss your entries and tutorials (:

remember you are loved by your fans ^_^

Danae said...

yay, you're back (:
i missed your entries!!

NaTGN said...

Yay Phi! We really missed you ^o^
And you know what? If you can't handle the Youtube haters then I think it is a great idea to post on here and myspace or w/e instead. I know nessassarymakeup does the same thing. Oh and don't feel overwhelmed by us, we just like reading your blog and whatnot so don't feel like you should go out of your way. I think we're just happy that you're doing better =D

MaryJane said...

you´re back, I´m so happy, missing your posts and tutorials

Shelly Mae said...

welcome back!
i've always been a quiet reader of your blogs, but when you stopped i was honestly sad. great to see you're back, and i hope you start feeling better (:
but like NaTGN said, don't feel obligated to blog for us. we'll always be here when you're ready xD

PowderPuffGirl said...

BE STRONG! # of ppl who love you will always be >>> # of ppl who don't!
You're such a sweet and cute girl so BELIEVE in yourself!
looking forward to seeing ur updates!! :)

REN said...

hi phi.

i'm glad your feeling better.

i was so bummed when you took your vids of youtube.

but i had no idea that you were still updating here.

i always look forward to reading your blog so i'm glad that you are still writing.

phi i think it's a great idea to post on your blog or somewhere else.

btw phi you are gorgeous and anyone that says it to you truly means it. don't let haters stand in your way.

take care and smile ;)