finally got my cameraa <3

by - Wednesday, April 08, 2009

haha i finally got my eyedrops and camera in today? been checking the mail box everyday! and been itching to blog it ;D so yeah i was looking through my reading list and i was reading makemeblushes blogs about how her circle lenses would give her pink eye and what not and ive been getting it forever now?? and my eyes are so horrible now... site and everything! but it was my fault... didnt rub them and i slept in them sometimes so yeahh the rohto ones work fine for me and ive been useing them when im at work or before i go to bed since my eyes get super dry during those times and so i decided to buy the soothe xp that makemeblush (used her pic XD) was reviewing on and i dunno it was really cloudy when i put them it but i noticed my eyes didnt really hurt as much? so ill just keep using them and see how my eyes get later :]
mmm but yeah camera i am sooo in love with it! theres this sliding thing in the front that turns it on and off so i dont think i can deco this camera out booooo -_- but im in love with it! its better than my canon it has more features on it and video mode mmm i dont think i can go macro but ill play with it more and i also did a tar:]]]]]

a mini target haul umm i tried the heat spray since a youtuber did a review on it? the spray is ok but i like the oil frizz type better mmm got a bronzing lotion and ahahahahaha! u can so see my foot is like three shades! its ok... maybe i need to massage it in better??? pink goodness was on sale so i had to grab me a lot of those! and some craft stuff to hold my gems and things :D love target ;DDD

so sephora haul i bought stuff that was recommended to me and i read a couple of reviews online as well. the stila mother collection is beautiful! i love the bake look? the shine brass gold colors are amazinggg! its kinda like the lorac bronzer??? and the beach bunny in too faced it comes with a mascara and lipstick im not too fond of... i think ill give it to my auntie hahaha but yeah cute bag cute packaging! mmm mascara i do not like? i dont see my lashes at all... took a lot of coating ._.

mmm bought color eyeliner from sephora? sephora is an ok brand... i like the glitter liners and jumbo pencils since they are very creamy i also bought a lip liner in dior called glossy beige and it has a little shimmer in it hehehe matches my stila stuff? mmm nars im starting to like that brand since it offers a lot of single eyeshadows and blushes that i like??? mmm makeupforever concealer... i need to practice with that one! been eyeballing it for couple of weeks now hahaha!

mmm and skincare i got talked into getting sunblock for my face and exfoliater so ddf and derma doc was shown to me? i also got the peter thomas roth padsssss i love itttt! smells wonderful and i feel soo refreshed right after! and i got aquolina body scrub mmm smells amazing! i love the pink sugar perfume and they have a hair spritz too!!! idk... my pureology doesnt really smell amazing... so i think ill go buy that and face wipes later ._. i need them for sure haha!

but yeah i think im going to save up for two or three weeks to get a laptop :3 i think i like the mac air one... but idk i want a pink one so bad! 700+ -_-;; saving saving savingggg!

easter is coming! im excited hehe i get off day! so i need to go buy an outfit now... mmmm hehe

OHHHH OHHH! i want to try that swap stuff? if anyone has access to like bb stuff or amazing shampoos and conditioner or eyelash stuff please message me? im starting to like asian makeup stuff now hahahaha blogger ladies got me curious? and idk i made an order with adam beauty on the 31st or something... how long does it usually take? ._.

mkkkk ciao ciao ladies ;D

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