by - Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hehe so sorry ive been so busy packing? nobody helps when i need it -_- hate cousin... she was going to help me out today and ive asked her since sunday and she totally bails... like always... shes so wrapped up with her bf i swear... i hate her sometimes... so im moving all my things and painting things on my own as usual doing stuff on my own haha T_T yesterday i taped up the walls and doors for painting and i think i want to do a juicy couture theme? mmm heheh so i got pink and brown? but im not sure what i want to do? i was looking at department stores for ideas and i like this brown wall they did? i was thinking about doing one wall with that and leave the others as is? mmm and the top its like not flat... looks like a rectangular... Jewel? HAHA XD maybe stencil juicy couture on the top or something... ugh i have so many ideas! i was thinking about doing stripes but it sounds pretty hard... and idk hahahah! my um furniture is beige and gold, comfoter is pink and i have a computer table that is brown... thinking about painting the shelves pink? can i paint on furniture??? LOL mmmmm! and thinking about going to ikea too...

hehe well this is just a little update! im going to be super busy for a couple of weeks and ill take pics haha! XD

oh sephora has like 50% off on their makeup bags? and they have those maraccan bags mmmM!!!! i bought one for mother for mothers day and going to stuff it with a lot of stuff hehe

hope everyone is doing well :D

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