should i move?

by - Wednesday, April 15, 2009

parents are moving to a bigger house and wants me to move back, but i dont really get along with dad... idk he likes releasing his stress on me and my brother all the time and its so unfair and overwhelming sometimes... ehh idk... i think living with uncle and aunt mmm i think i stayed too long with them? i just really like being with cousins haha! is that wierd? im in love with my baby cousin and i am so afraid she will forget me T_T looked at apartments today and there was one that was ok and clean looking? doing a special for 517 with water included... but the catch? they arnt sure how long that special is running... =_= its kinda near both of my jobs... im just blah feeling? i have to save if i want the apartment but i need to save alot! and special might be expired by the time i have so so cash saved up? what should i doooo hehe

yaaaaaaaay i finally got all my online orders! the adambeauty took along time and so did the cherryculture but everything was ok hehe i should of ordered more mascaras if i knew it would of taken that longggg! cherryculter i ordered colors that pursebuz did a review on and lip liners were buy one get one free? im not really loving the glitter palette? its not creamy at all? i think ill buy more of the trio's and try them out on customers at the salon :3!!! so excited hehe i think i have way too much makeup... gave away a lot to a friend and aunts rawr XD

mmm idk what im going to do with all the pearl stuff... cant deco the cam... maybe ill buy a new shell for the phone and do the ipod... haha!

blah how do u make a cold go away faster? four days with this stuff! i cant breathe at all D; bought a vicks heat mist thingo for 40 bucks... that didnt come with the vicks solution!?!?!?! -__- that was cold blooded... i just hope ill get better... skipped two days of work already...

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