fabulous hauls && cooking

hello ladiesssssss! so did some shopping the other day hehe and i got to spread them out on my bed and just admire them! hehe! so here are my reviews today on the products that i bought? && i decided to cook meatloaf since its so easy to cook hehe i went online to see if there was a better recipe than the plain jane one? and so went to allrecipe and found one with a lot of ratings so i decided to make! i like to cook but not cleaning... T_T lol and i made mash from box, corn, and gravy hehe on a roll! :D:D:D:D

smashbox camera ready full coverage foundation in medium: very creamy and feels alright on my skin. did the job with covering up :]
dior addict ultra shine in 142: lovee the shimmer and its a pretty pale pink! my favorite lipstick for now!

bare minerals diamond lips in april: tingly pink shimmer!!! i think i want to buy their lipglosses from now on! plumper, shimmer, && juicy! no nasty after taste thingie mababer mmmmm ;D

laura mercier palette is muy yum! love the colors

benefits coralista: a little too pink for me... i had to dab some on my hand before putting it on my cheeks. packaging is super cute!

and for the fresh stuff i heard it was good and had lovely reviews on it so ill try it out later on tonight! just had free time waiting for my meat loaf to finish cooking! :D:D:D room is a hot mess... laundry needs to be done.. lool i like how i jump on blogger and can use it as an excuse? :X

for the ladies that ask me about job... i work tue, wed, thur, fri, sat so yeah... thats how i get teh monies... work a holic haha!

tehehe ttyl lovelies!

Phiphi Nguyen


fuzkittie said...

Niiiice!! The LM palette is yum!

ritaliator said...

I want Coralista for the packaging >_<

Somaly said...

hey purrty lady. just came by to offer you some contacts. ounsreysomaly.blogspot.com =]

glitteryeyesxx said...

Wow, I need to learn how to cool like you, Phi. LOL. Troi oi, my mom always says that I'm going to end up alone forever since I don't know how to cook nor clean! =)

May Nguyen said...

great haul! we have similar taste!

Ji said...

Wow a great haul!
Love the packaging of coralista!<3

heartofpearl♡ said...

ooo the laura mercier pallete looks gorgeous! the only thing ive tried from lm is makeup remover so must try the actual makeup! x

Lipstick on the cup said...

Nice haul! Looks so cute!

Doka Dotty Wine said...

We have been sending you several emails to be up to date about your contest. You held a contest then ignored the winners for 4 months. We're sending you some friendly reminders because we feel that perhaps your busy life of making videos has made you forget. Please do not neglect the people who make up your fanbase. Please respond to your contest winners. At least to say you have no prize. At least to apologize. Its the least you could do, don't you think?