been sickkkk... small update

by - Monday, March 02, 2009

sorry i havnt post in awhile... work and juggling other things is starting to show... i look like zombie all week! well last week T_T i guess im not as strong as i thought i would be blehhh oh well ><;; but yeah went to hmart and took a couple of purikura with friends and got some asian lashes that was on saleee!?!? all the good ones were gone -_- they had the ones that were like sugar lashes? ugh those were so perfect for my eyes!

so i did a nail tutorial and its very hime haha nothing popped off yet? just a couple of the gold beads XD a lot of ppl asked me where i got my tool and its at nail supply store? u can always use a tooth pick too haha

didnt really do a lot of shopping... had to pay for car getting fixed T_T so i got the small dior skin care set? and i like it a lot! i should of bought it sooner instead of buying the clarines and skyne products boo... i like the dior hydration line its wonderful feeling and im not as dry anymore! love love love it :D hehe sophie is so cute poor little mama is teethin... crys all night! and so angry all the time driving me nuts haha
but yeah sorry for sucha lame update ladies! still under the weather and i have work later on blah... just want to stay in bed and watch movies all day!

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