today was a success! rant of a spoiled child

by - Wednesday, February 04, 2009

woke up early to go to court bc i was tardy with my defensive driving? and there was so many people! most were little rich boys with their mamas bwahaha! but lord i was so scared!!! since i was good to go i decided to go to the galleria since i was near hehe went to forever21 and bought two sweaters for the trip! i also stopped at saks to look at the new lv bags... ohhhh my they have a rose collection? and there was a speedy bag with roses all over it! $1300!?!?! i want it so bad... i was going to get the regular speedy at vegas, but now that i saw the rose one... idk... regular speedy bag is 700? cant decide! i saved up? enough... LOL i want the wallet toooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i should spruce up the page and edit vids i have mad last month loool just waiting for bf to finish up studying so yeah packed all the good things i need! and did my nails! its gaga glam ish? :D i only did one finger though... might change it tomorow! bought a lot of tunes for ipod so ill be snoozing good on the plane!
anywhoooflight leaves at 7 on friday so i work till 5 and i guess sleep on the plane as much as i can! uncle got the large sweet at the balagio? omg that hotel is FAVE! ill be sharing a room with granparents though T_T gmpa snores like no other! and gma chitter chatters when she sleeps? oh yes.. going to be lovely... but yeah i dont think ill gamle much?? i already googled up locations i want to go to! like china town and japanese market??? i want to find some magazines and purikura! shop shop shop!
night ladies!

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