beautiful sunday! big haul?

by - Sunday, February 01, 2009

mmmm today was so warm! doesnt feel like jan/feb cold weather! went to eat with my family at papadeaux and dad bought sooo much oysters that i kinda got sick D: they look so nasty haha! plus it doesnt help when i have my cousin giving me ugly faces when i was eating them? but yeah had fun eating out with them! i miss it! im always working on sundays

weee love month is here! already bought a lot of candy for bf and some cutesie stuff hehe i would post it but he reads my blog sometimes and i want him to be surprised? did a lot of shopping today! went to target and bought the sonia kushak??? brush so cute! and some travel stuff for my trip to vegas laalalalalaaaa im working that day too blah...

also went to sephora and spent... a chunk of the money i saved T_T but i wanted spring colors and some stuff to travel with :D i am in LOVE with the laura mercier set! it comes with this amazinggg concealerrr laaa! and tinted moisterizer, primer, two brushes, sponge, and finishing powdre?! hehe what else... i likee stilas pearl palette its soooo purty and the new urban primer i love the shimmer! all in all i liked all the purchases i made so far! golden bronzey look i loveeee!

yes... i am shop-a-holic... everyone lately... been telling me to go watch that movie bc it reminds them of me? am i really that bad? D: i have only one credit card hehe so i dont think im that bad?! and i wont watch that movie... bc it might make me sad D: or... be just as bad. mmm :D

watched lady L vid on her page and she was talking about eyedrops?? that are better than visine or watever... im having like serious dry/red eyes... i swear my lenses... i hate them! i dont think ill order anymore from the site ive been going to for like three years? always had eye trouble! so yeah.. bought some drops and got the 2-3 day mail? it was cheap just the shipping was poop! so im looking foward to those to come in! so i hope it works... ive been trying like three types of drops and its not doing me any good T_T

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