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by - Friday, February 20, 2009

hello ladiessss! yay its friday and i have a million things to do! so i went and picked up my order of hello kitty stuff from nordstrom and omgg loveeeeeeeeee it! i dont want to use it at all! its too cute! but yeah i wished i bought the tote and makeup bags... oh well guess ill go sanrio and find some phone and makeup bag stuff! i went to sephora too and bought the harajuku perfume hehe i want to collect them :] baby is not my faves though... smells like baby powder! ._. i like music and g though ha :D also got some dior sample jars for the nude skin line? SO CUTE! going to buy cream shadows and put them in there mmmmhmmmm! urban decay came out with some and so did too faced? dont really like too faced though very watery! but still.... they are both cute and shimmery :] oh got the dry shampoo stuff? smells like baby powder but its good to get all the oilyness out :D

hehe recent nails! gems keep falling off T_T need to use super glue XD but yeah i so want to learn the 3d art... own my own businesses hehe dreaming

mmm yesterday i was talking to one of the hairstylist and she use to be a makeup artist before she did hair so i was asking her so many questions! she is amazing i swear! she makes like her own foundation and what not and i was just in aw the whole time! she was just giving me tips to better myself when i want to do makeup on others? like measuring faces or what looks good with certain skin tones... she went to schooling and all that stuff and made me really want to pay more attention to school! im excited.... im taking nail/and face courses :]

i manage to do a lot of videos today! most were requested and so yeah long overdue on vids!!! poor camera is over heating ._. but yeah managed to do a whats in your purse vid, update on makeup table vid :D i think im doing pretty good today! hehe just need to edit pics and vids :]
today was friends bday and we went to razoos and had some fried everything! it was yum at first but then i felt like bleh! LOL so yeah we had drinks too? im not the one to drink but that stuff was sooo yummy!!!

bf sent me a box of silly stuff and made me a valentines art thing? supose to be secret message but i dont see it? hope everyone hadd a lovely vday! sorry for post being so late! just busy working ahhh XD

xoxo phi

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