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by - Tuesday, February 10, 2009

maaaan i want to go backkk! love shopping and gambling... such a wonderful combination! i had loads of fun! went shopping like crazy! i had like... plenty to get a lv purse T_T but i decided to buy a lot of gifts for my siblings, cousins and myself hehe! they had h&m and urban outfitters =0 we dont have it here in tx? there was so many big brand shops... dior, lv, ysl... i was in a daze when i went in!urban outfitters was pretty neat store! had all these collectible toys and fun looking cameras that i really wanted to get! hehe luckily bf will get me a pink one ^0^ ehhh forgot my book and mags in hotel.. $30 gone..

ballagio was very beautiful and they have an amazing sandwich place? hella expensive (everything was expensive) but it was yum! haha and they have lovely gardens that are different every year for different holidays! this year they still had the chinese new year stuff up but it was just breath taking! rooms were lovely too! love the beddd mmmmm! i went to Cesar's hotel a lot to go to the forum shops? lots of high end shops balagio does too but not as big of a mall as Cesar. i didnt really like the restaurants in the Cesar hotel though... went to some Beijing number 9 something... gross noodles! D; its really beautiful though!


there was a huge sephora! there was like... a lot of brands in there and i went buck wild! bought the dior nude and the cream shadow. i love the cream shadow how it like... turns powder and its a pretty champagne color :] also love the powder! it feels light and nothing on my face! wish i had brush T_T mmm sephora's new concealer is amazing! fluffy and light! and it is very buildable! i love it more than my boing! also got too faced beach bunny :D love that stuff

went to the juicy store and omg... theres like two juicy stores in the forum shops! i wanted to buy phone charm, but they didnt have ones i liked booo! used the gloss as phone charm instead :] love the receipt!!!!!! also went into ysl store and ehhh i was looking to see if they had cream shadows but ive been having my eye on the highlighter, but blah i dont really like it? i like smashbox way better! ooo so many girls... had amazing nail art up there! ill try to figure out some of them and do it on my lovely hands hehe

heheh i love going to church? and how it is very close to the casino haha! we were a little late so uncle got us this huge truck limo! kinda embarrassing when church is over and the big thing is there XD uncle is like... flashy? always rollin in limos! i dont even want to know how much we spent on food.... rooms there are like 400 a night? but since he bets like no other he gets room and a lot of stuff for free... i want to be like him ;D
all in all i had loads of fun! wish i could site see more! everyone wanted to gamble majority of the time. grandparents... i barely saw them the whole trip! only see them in the morning! crazy ppl gamble like no other!

oh the eyedrops that i bought feel very very refreshing! it feels like minty sensation? and my eyes feel a lot better now :]

OH i got a tattoo! loool! i wanted one for 21 bday :] so i wanted hello kitty but my man didnt know what that was? he was fumbling through his art stack and found me a little kitty cat? uhhhh! so i decided to get a bow :] it hurt like hell but i took it like a man! mhm! his name is shark? and he has that tear drop near his eye and tatted up! mhm! he was really nice though for a big scary guy... haha he was telling me stories of orgasms of woman that comes into his shop... how they like the pain and getting piercings down there so everytime they take a step its just amazing! haha i guess he was trying to sell stuff to me but it made me scared the whole time... thinking about those type of girls... but yeah.. most of the people at work thought it was sticker tattoo... mom did too until she saw the gelly stuff i had to put on it!

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