hopefully i dont forget anything! rohto eyedrops review

tomorow im leaving D: so ill make a review on the eyedrops that i purchased from some drugstore online site? it was cheap 3-6 and i tried the one for red eyes and it felt like a minty sensation and plus my eyes cleared up! im so excited! its been red for a couple of weeks... circle lenses are killing me T_T think ill go get glasses soon :]
i havnt tried the moister drops for dry eyes yet but im sure its just as good too! this brand is really amazinggg visine and alcon er alcron idk how to say... the american eyedrops didnt really do much and they were like... 11-13??? -_-

but yeah i hope i have everything packed! im so excited! i talked to a girl on myspace who is a local there and she told me there are like different locations for japanese goods? there is a purikura place that sells cute jewelery, a market place that sells some mags, and a small discount place that sells makeup and yeah... idk T_T

im stressing... hope i dont forget anything... have work tomorow blah! should of put that my flight leaves sooner! dumb me T_T so i have to rush in the morning...

ill make sure to take a lot of pics for you guys!!!

Phiphi Nguyen


mayaari said...

be careful with the circle lenses - i've been wearing contacts for half my life, and the more you can let your eyes breathe, the better - they're probably getting red because they're not getting enough oxygen, and circle lenses cover more surface area so they can be bad for your eyes.

Kathrin said...

I added you to Bloglovin.com :))
Really like your Blog! :*
Kisses Kathy :DD

Suzi said...

You are really cute, just like a doll :)

I cant seem to watch ur vids :(

nice 2 meet u btw :)