cooking like a villian and being cheesy with bf

by - Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hehe have u ever been to pappadeaux??? place is amazinggg! so i tried to recreate the pasta mardi gras and it turned out okie hehe not the right meat or spices but it was pretty damn good and i think i out did myself today mhm!
went all out! got the shrimp, scallops, crawfish mhm! good bingo!

okie so a lot of you ladies ask how i get my haircut and well i guess its pretty simple? i have many many layers in my hair, part my hair to the side and my fringe is a little above my nose? and yup thats pretty much it!?

hehe so yeah today was alright after dinner web cam with the bf and we were being couple of goofs and i was laughing the whole time we were trying to match eachother?? :D he thinks his poses are better than mines... i dont think so? last pics of us is my fave! i took my sephora liner and drew stash and he had some on his fingers? mine was better... ;D
mmm oh i tried looking for bb stuff or any asian makeup at the market sadly didnt find any that i like? maybe ill find better luck in vegas or do the online thing hehe
well night ladies <33333>

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