winner winner chicken dinner

by - Thursday, February 25, 2010

hehe sorry mia i know! have tons of videos to still to edit! been working on stuff since 10 in the morning! off days goes to well catching up on things! so yes winner for the valentine funny story! i was hoping more ppl enter, but im just going to pick one winner this time! hopefully in the future ill have more ppl joining into my contests! all of the stories were super cute and of course funny! but the person who i laughed the hardest would be.... ewitsnikki!!! that song... always made me laugh whenever i hear it! hehe so misss nikiiiii please email me your address to!

so my new years resolution is working! been working out a lot! doing more videos and feeling better about myself! its also lent so i gave up junk food like chips and candies blah! i didnt know i was such a snacker till now! every year i always gave up soda and sooo i gave up snacking! bad stuff that is! soda is like a drug to me... trying to cut it out slowly! coffee too geesh.. its like smoking i tell ya! hehe im also going to try to blog once a week at least! going to try try try!

so of course theres going to be haul! its super small mind you! only bought a light up mirror and dior lipstick that was a veryyy pretty pink! trying to limit myself since i have car to pay for ugh! but im a big girl now haha! hehe also went to i think its sears... and i like going there to find cute house stuff? im so odd i know! i just have this wierd hobby to collect cute things... i just cant wait to live on my own and fill it up with my things~

as for my online purchases! finally got my hello kitty phone charms... took forever! and i also got some new pair of circle lenses from pinkyparadise! i must say its pretty cheap and the site is cute too! have a wide range to choose from so def check them out if u would like circle lenses! came with cute animal case hehe

hehe sooo! im going to start doing more reviews and teach i think teach... hahah better ways to take care of hair or your circle lenses so look out for those in the near future! i so wish i got partner on youtube already... i have no idea why it takes so long for me to get it... ricebunny is my idol and so is lauren luke! she has her own makeup line at sephora and going everywhere i so so so want that! and so does michele she has her own skin care line! im so ready to be out there im kinda tired of being caged by parents and being judged... i want to have an amazing future in something i love doing!

and here is korean night... it was super spicey! old folks didnt like it and siblings are picky eaters... sigh... i love cooking! i watched that julia julie movie and i thought it was adorable! made me want to go cook hehe! but yeah... choco strawberries... are fave... kids gobbled that up though! hehe

but yeah... going to go back to editing and making more vids! im like sucha work-a-holic! hope you fab ppl have a wonderful weekend!

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