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LOL hello hello! im trying to be pumped about doing vids on youtube but its so annoying when ppl are like oh its the same on how i do things? like waaat the eff... i dont want to sound mean just... what other way do u want me to do my eyeliner? what way do you want me to do my eyeshadows? im just not going to read comments anymore and do watevers lol. sorry... im doing it the way i like and feel comfortable. be my guest to change it up and do your own thing!

anywho how are you wonderful ppl? lots of work now! i kinda regret asking for full time, but i need the moola! going to seattle in the summer and shopping with my cousin (she is worse than i am) and going through some major weight loss with them since my aunt is like health nazi which is cool bc i want to get healthier asap! ugh so quest is here for all star weekened?! and i cant see them... so many ppl here in dallas... and i have to work BLAHHHH!!!! and im not feeling so great... fml!

ok so some unique hauls? i wish i can find tutorials on things that i am into? buying all these books and what not isnt helping when im like so noob at it sigh... but anwys.

so my ebay and full moon love packages came in! i was so impressed on how fast it came to me! maybe a week or two? my tripod nor my hello kitty charms came in yet gr... kmart srsly? ur in the freakn u s of a!!! and i got my over sea shiz before yall... common... LOL but anyways... been wanting some black rhinestones for god knows what... i want to also bling out my car buttons so i think i have to order more... and the lashes? came to me all smashed up? im like what the eff horrible packaging...

ok so im into black and silver and kind of glitter look lately... glitter is amazing i breathe it! kidding... but i have many ideas for nails just need to get that damn tripod! im trying to do better tutorials so bare with me hehe! and bought some of my favorite candies mhm love asian candies...

okayyy so hobby lobby is my favorite store now! so many sales all the time? i got most 40 to 50% off! i love cute bottles and i want to make some scrubs that i read in my books that i bought! i love pink and love after valentine sales... i love hearts and cute stuff and of course pink things!

hahah i do enjoy reading! other than twilight books, i love me some craft books! i want to make candles and tons of things in the book! swear martha is my idol....

one makeup haul... its sad... but its anastasia palette thats supose to make you have youthful looking eyes so its supose to be for someone older? idk... i like the colors so hm havnt tried the palette out yet sigh... i have too much makeup... hehe went to bath and body got their new frag out that smells so yum and rose body scrub thingo? i forgot what its called...

but yeah cute haul~ peeled off my nail gel thing my mom tested on me and now my nails are long and brittle... tet is coming up on sunday... quest was here practicing with usher... millions coming into dallas... EPIC WEEKEND!!!! i want to see these famous ppl... T_T red envelopes though im excited!!! money money moneyyy!

Phiphi Nguyen


Nikki said...

Aww~ Phi!
Don't mind those people who keep asking you to change your ways. A lot of other people already love how you just are. No need to change for anyone but yourself :) just keep doing what you love doing ^_^

anyways, lovely haul!!! I wish I was as diligent when it comes to deco-ing stuff hehe! I've always loved how you bling up everything!

Anyways, super long comment~ but yeah! ohhhhh & seattle is awesome in the summer, I was there summer of 2008 & it was great! I miss it there.

ok well, this is starting to look like an english essay so i'll stop here :)

take lots of care, have a great weekend. And hopefully, you get to see Quest, so it'll brighten your day a it (cough! RYAN cough!) haha!

ps. sorry sorry~ before i forget... KOPIKO! lmao I used to eat those candies when i was a child. I believe those are filipino type candies --coffee flavor right?? hehe <333


Serenie S. said...

I know what you mean. You're just trying to help the people that want to know. People that are mean should just shut it. >__<
Cute haul!
Ewws those packages from Asia in those flimsy envelopes. Grrr. I had smashed things before too.
Let us know how that Big Ass Book of Crafts is! I wanted to buy it. ^__^

Thii said...

If people want you to change and think they know better than you, they just have to make their own videos and shut up...-.-'

I want to see the HK charms *-*
Love the bottles.. they're cute ^___^
Really love decoration and that sort of stuffs :D

Haha xDD Twilight books are the only books which i red with interests :D

Thii <3

lisaa__ said...

ahh cute haul!! :)

Bebegirl88 said...

hey I was wondering where did you get those lashes?

Serenie S. said...

I ordered it on Ebay from the seller 'fromjapan2u'. They're in Japan but they shipped fast!
I know what you mean about the blue ones being strong! It took me a few months to get used to it. Haha!
I really wanted the Lychee ones because it was pink and for contacts!


they're all just biters!; I for one definitely enjoy your tutorials <3 ^^

awww, you should have a meetup in seattle :D hahah

ahhh, you always get the cutest things ^.^ ~

CyndiixPii said...

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR BOOOO!!!!!! <333 gaah I wanna do some damage to my account, but I can't no thanks to work too! =[[

Ooooh, I was up in NorthPark this weekend and my crazy ass friends went celebrity hunting. Carmen Electra checked in at my friend's hotel so she took pics.

O_o I have weird friends haha

Love love! Better see you soon babeee! And help me with weightloss girl! AHHH!

lucy said...

hii phiii! hope you enjoyed the snow! I can't believe how much it snowed!! :) don't pay any attention to those who complain about your videos. I think your vids are super helpful and I love 'em! Happy Valentine's day and of course Happy new year!! :)

Evee said...

oh man I wish I could do crafts and stuff like you. but my hands are so unco damn it
and happy chinese new year! haha yayy red packets :)

glitteryeyesxx said...


Do what you want to do, 'cause the ppl who watch you (your real fans) love and respect you for doing what you do best! =)

Chuc mung nam moi! Hope you have a very good year!

JoeyAnna said...

wow the bottles are gorgeous!
and the eyeshadow shades are so lovely <3

Natalie Nguyen said...

Definitely just keep doing what you're doing Phi! You're doing a great job!

lucy said...

Yes I live in texas too! I live about 30 minutes from Dallas! and yes we should def. hangout someday-id love to go shopping with you one day when im not completely broke! lol :)

Daphne said...

LOL your cousin is worse than you ?! how terrifying XD
Youtube people are really stupid, it's so odd to me that they would continue to watch/stalk people they don't like ...

bowsnhearts said...

I love glittery nails!!

A full time job is tiring but like you said, you get more $$ to buy stuff!!

I like the colours in the eyeshadow palette though...they seem very easy to wear!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Happy Lunar New Year, Phi! I hope you got a lot of red envelopes. =D Love your cute haul especially those blingy lips...hee hee.

Sarah said...

Hey Phi! :)
I've seen your vids before, but I just found your blog :)
I live in Texas too! But far away, in San Antonio.
We should totally go shopping together. :3

And eff the comments on youtube...Definitely keep doing your thang!

And instead of looking for tutorials for those things you like, why not figure it out (somehow? lol) and make your own? I'm sure tons of people will be thankful you did! <3

You should totally show us all the things you've deco-ed! I wish I knew how...I'd love to deco my phone and all my stuff.

Anyway, hope your CNY and weekend was good!
Hope we can be blogger buddies!


Lara Alley said...

awesome haulage gurrlllfriend!!! <3
this is Helllolulu (Lara) from youtube, stopping by to say hEllllooo


sly said...

ahh you always have awesome hauls @__@ is there any chance you could start meantioning where you get some of these things XD

n' hey don't let youtube get you down~ people always trying to find things to say =O but just think, as much as they complain, why do they keep on watching your vid? XD (they secretly like it LOL)

CyndiixPii said...

girl i finally clicked on the haul pic and where did you find those lashes?! i neeeeed some!! omg you should come to dallas this coming saturday!!!!

Mira Maulia said...

ay ay, KOPIKO!
i love your videos, sweetie.. :)