thank you

by - Sunday, February 07, 2010

i have no idea what to write as titles im not good with titles... i just finished watching dear john with a friend and i have to say he is one beautiful guy *blush* and how the story is so fairy tale! and long... didnt like it that much, but it was a cute movie.. thought i was going to cry but i didnt LOL! but yeah... it made me think of my ex? how he promised me he would be there for me and if we ever part he would look for me and have one hella good ending, but he just runs off with some girl so movies to me seem so fake sigh~ when i think i have a good guy he turns out to be the those run off the mill kind of guys. i dont even know what it means but it sounded good with my little story haha~

reason for me wanting a giveaway is bc i want to get to know ppl and share a few giggles i love to laugh, but mmm i havnt laughed like use to i guess bc im not all there still im trying haha i dont think about him as much or cry anymore. im not as bitter towards everything, keeping myself busy with more work asking for alot of work actually. i thought maybe if i go out and force myself to drink i thought it would make me feel better, but lol... im not a drinker or a party person. i like feeling safe and being around ppl im close with, but i mean thats not good right? sucha sad post... sorry sorry its been raining and gloomy and its adding to my mixed emotions on everything.

i really like reading what u wonderful ladies have to say lots even makes me feel so special and warm i just cant believe i even have followers and so many nice ppl im so happy and so grateful to have someone to listen to me and understand me its.... kinda amazing actually hehe i just wish i can meet all of you and give u a hug or something! hehe but yeah im trying really hard to be more stronger, more louder, more confident, and try to be more postive on things!

my goals for this year...
going to be confident
lose weight
finish cosmo school
learn a language
do lots of traveling
get tattoo
have my own place
make TONS of crafts
pimp out my car
try to save (GOING TO TRY)

LOLOLOL heheh this post is just a thank you and all that gushy stuff! im going to try my best this year!!!! good night everyone!

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