thank you

i have no idea what to write as titles im not good with titles... i just finished watching dear john with a friend and i have to say he is one beautiful guy *blush* and how the story is so fairy tale! and long... didnt like it that much, but it was a cute movie.. thought i was going to cry but i didnt LOL! but yeah... it made me think of my ex? how he promised me he would be there for me and if we ever part he would look for me and have one hella good ending, but he just runs off with some girl so movies to me seem so fake sigh~ when i think i have a good guy he turns out to be the those run off the mill kind of guys. i dont even know what it means but it sounded good with my little story haha~

reason for me wanting a giveaway is bc i want to get to know ppl and share a few giggles i love to laugh, but mmm i havnt laughed like use to i guess bc im not all there still im trying haha i dont think about him as much or cry anymore. im not as bitter towards everything, keeping myself busy with more work asking for alot of work actually. i thought maybe if i go out and force myself to drink i thought it would make me feel better, but lol... im not a drinker or a party person. i like feeling safe and being around ppl im close with, but i mean thats not good right? sucha sad post... sorry sorry its been raining and gloomy and its adding to my mixed emotions on everything.

i really like reading what u wonderful ladies have to say lots even makes me feel so special and warm i just cant believe i even have followers and so many nice ppl im so happy and so grateful to have someone to listen to me and understand me its.... kinda amazing actually hehe i just wish i can meet all of you and give u a hug or something! hehe but yeah im trying really hard to be more stronger, more louder, more confident, and try to be more postive on things!

my goals for this year...
going to be confident
lose weight
finish cosmo school
learn a language
do lots of traveling
get tattoo
have my own place
make TONS of crafts
pimp out my car
try to save (GOING TO TRY)

LOLOLOL heheh this post is just a thank you and all that gushy stuff! im going to try my best this year!!!! good night everyone!

Phiphi Nguyen


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Yeah, I don't think movie love and movie guys are like real guys ever haha. But atleast we can watch them in movies!

grace said...

good luck with your goals this year!! :]

Nikki said...

Hey Phi!
First of all, thanks for commenting my new post :) I love reading comments cause it makes me happy. So thanks for contributing to my happiness lol! XD

On the other hand.. I read that you wanna get a tattoo? What kind are you planning on getting?

I wanna get one more but my BF absolutely hates tattoos, too bad when he met me, I already had one so he just had to live with it now hhehehe :)


JoeyAnna said...

good luck with your goals! :)
hehe i want to lose weight too! ive lost 4kgs so far ^___^
just cut out junk food and fast food and it will make it easier :)
hehe and your profile picture is so cute ;)

Angel said...

Goodluck! :) It's great to set goals. Even if you don't get to all of them, having something to work for is great!

I think you are a very sincere sounding person and I wish you the best. <3

Angel said...

Goodluck! :) It's great to set goals. Even if you don't get to all of them, having something to work for is great!

I think you are a very sincere sounding person and I wish you the best. <3

sly said...

I'm glad you could get some laughs~ we could all use some cheer in our lives! mmm~ maybe getting out there and forcing yourself to do things you don't actually enjoy isn't the best choice x__x
=D do something you think is fun - like invite some girlfriends over and do something silly
Or like go on a whim and take a class about something =D

Desire said...

Your gonns get through this, I was in a similar position to your but I just gave up on HIM & now I'm better then fine ^^

I think your confident !

& Now I'm thinking of a story that'll make you laugh...


bebe said...

hey phi..
i must say i am going through the same thing you are right now..recovering from a break up..although girl, you are taking it very well!! yea! but not me..i just really can't get over him..i mean i met him when i was only 5 and it was honestly..well i just felt i've known him for SO LONG and we finally started going out and everything was so great and it was our 2 year annivasary last month but it turned out that...bas**** dumped me on the day of our annivasary to be with another girl...who is honestly..not the nicest girl ever. i mean she has a reptuation to be a slut.! like i am so sure she is just using him but he thinks im just saying that to get him back...i really just don't want him to get hurt...what should i do phi? just let it go...or..IDONTEVENKNOW..

well i know u wanted a funny story... lol sorry but i really dont have any these days.. but reading your post reminds me of the valentine we spent together last year and it was just so sweeet and funny. He wanted to surprise me with a home cooked meal at his place and i know he cant cook for the life of him! and still he was trying and when i went over.... there he was sitting in the middle of his living room with like a million cookbooks and talking to himself wonddering whats wrong..AND THEN i went into the kitchen and i FIGURED OUT what's wrong..HE ACTUALLY TRIED TO BOIL AN EGG IN THE has gotta be the mooooooooooosttt basic stupid mistake ever!!!
and i was like..omgod what the hell happened to the kitchenn and he was like.. apologizing over and over for runing the special was honestly so sweet and still brings tears to my eyes..... i reallly wish..he'd come back to me...

this year...for valentines day idk what im gonan do?? stuff my self silly with junk food,, u know ice cream and all those goodies... lol...
thanks for reading this!!

Ligaya said...

Glad you like our posts!
Just hang in there k? ;3