my first blog giveaway

i have been collecting many things for contests and just never had the time to get around it but here i go! my first blog contest im really excited and its a simple one too! all you have to do is be a follower of mine, age 18+ or have permission from fam bam to let me send you goodies, and yup thats pretty much it! contest is open up to anyone and will end on 02-14-10 good date to end it right?

so what the contest is about... stories about you! i want to get to know more ppl and i think this would be fun doing so! i want to know your funny valentine! if its with bf, hubby, friends anything hehe just anything that will make my sides hurt from laughing! i think laughing is good for the soul and boy do i need some good laughs!

OK so if lots of ppl join in there will be two winners so we will see what happens! have fun and enjoy! i will add in my little creations to the goodies so i cant wait to read your stories~

Phiphi Nguyen


Ligaya said...
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Ligaya said...

Hi Phi! I'm Ligaya/Joy from the Philippines. I used to cosplay but ever since I got into my PR job - with fun stuff like being able to buy and read men's magazines (even fugly lad's rags) without batting an eyelash and travel opportunities which are just too awesome - I haven't had time to dress up in full costume. I've always loved fashion and beauty but I was such an ugly duckling growing up with puberty making everything strange and awkward in those departments (am still a bit of a mediocre duck now, haha).

My funniest Valentine was when I helped set up one of my friends with our male cadet corps commander at the reserve corps (of which we were both a part) in university. Everyone but the two of them wouldn't at first admit that for all his macho talking, he was so desperately infatuated with her, so I conspired with the other reserve corps officers and with the corps of sponsors (they're like mascots as they're female cadets, hrm). He told me and another friend to get her cornered during lunch at one of her classes so he could serenade her, and it happened that she was just exiting her last class before lunch to the steps at one of our famous uni buildings. I don't know which was worse - that he and his crew, all bedecked in official uniform, couldn't play guitar or sing for their lives and were getting stares from inside fraternity halls and classrooms, or the fact that she was so surprised by his sudden serenade in front of the entire student population that she slipped off the steps and nearly knocked Mr. Officer and his crew over as well!

Okay it's not a lot but I hope it made you smile at least. XD;

Nikki said...

Hi Phi!

I've been following you on YT since style ganji days :) Anyways, the funniest Valentine I've ever had was not with a Boyfriend. But a good guy friend. Since both of us weren'nt in any sort of relationship at the time. we just decide the heck, we can be each other's Valentines.

So all the vday shinanigans happened. Pink & Red and Hearts everywhere. Definitely romantic. The mood and everything.. like a fairytale. (hes such a good friend & wanted to make it the best vday for us) candle lit dinner etc. all that!

It was amazing~ ^_^ but then as we were quietly enjoying our classy and romantic meal...TV turns on out of nowhere and behold.. the weirdest, awkwardest song ever...


-_- i was like wth? totally awkward. so they rest of the night we just kept singing it lmaoooo~! it was a funny, awkward and definitely an interesting night :)

Nikki said...

Hey lovely Phi!

I nominated you for a blog award. Check it out >>

xoxo Nikki

ChonChon said...

hi!! ive been a follower of you for a while!!! My valentine's story is not even on valentines day really but the day after. two years ago, I was with my current bf at the time and we were supposed to have this all-day valentine's day celebration (because its my favorite holiday! hearts? pink? red? the best!) but him being the selfish boyfriend that he was, he was grumpy, quiet, didnt get me a gift that was meaningful (a lighter? when i dont smoke? i dont get it...) and he went to sleep early that day from food coma.. so i stayed up talking on the phone to my best friend (a guy) whining about how i had worked so hard to get a good valentines day gift and how i didnt have a good valentines day...and so the next day, my best friend shows up at my door, with a bag of all the little goodies that he remembered that id like. (i take him shopping all the time and point out the things i like) He had taken out the time to stop by all the stores, remember everything, and wrap it all up. He said "here's a little something to make up for your sad valentines day" teehee.. and basically now he's my bf for a year and 8 months! :D thanks for this giveaway!! :D <3 ur blog!

Angel said...

Hi! My name is Angel. I am from the USA (sunny Florida) and I am 21 yrs old! I am currently going to community college to pursue a degree in Graphic Design <3 I love art and I love to draw. I also love fashion and skincare~ I started reading your blog because you are so cute and I love asian fashion, etc.
Let's see, I also like anime and video games. :P Kinda nerdy, but they are fun so who cares! haha.

My funny valentine:

Ok, so back when I was in HS, my boyfriend got me a huge valentine balloon and I was carrying it around. (This was during school, we had a little valentines party on the last period.)
I was carrying it around, having a good time w/ my friends and all the sudden this really annoying guy (he was known as being a jerk, but I had never even talked to him before this, so I dunno what he had against me! T_T ) comes up and literally grabs my balloon and pops in my face. I was SO upset and hurt and a bunch of other people saw it too and were mad. Then my boyfriend got so mad that he went up to the kid and pantsed him!! (grabbed his jeans and pulled down, luckily he didn't pull the boxers down, gross.)
But he did it in front of all those people and everyone laughed so hard because he deserved it! I was so happy that my bf got revenge for me. <33 xD He didn't get in trouble either.

_meii said...

Hello Phi (: My name is Meii and I've been following you for a very long time hehe ^^; I'm kind of like you, I like deco den and purikuras ! I use to be a girl who just dresses up normally and don't care what anyone says but after knowing about ulzzangs and korean celebrities I started to change my appearance. I'm a active girl, and like to play sports which is pretty un-girly like hehe. I'm in grade 10, BUT I do have permission to enter ^^! I want to be a kindergarten teacher when I grow up cause little kids are just so darn adorable :3

My funniest Valentine was when I was in grade 7 and I just met my first serious boyfriend. We had a school dance that went through the whole afternoon and my bf was gone half of the time, and I thought he was probably getting some snacks. After he came back he looked kind of tired but I didn't mind and we just slow danced til the end. It was after school and I went to my locker to get my bag. As I opened my locker, I saw that the sides of the locker was covered in heart lollipops and cinnamon hearts fell down! I was surprised and my heart wanted to melt. Someone was poking my back and I turned around to see that it was him! I gave him a hug and said 'Thank You'. He then pulled out something behind him and it was a bear! The bear was holding a little heart and it had "I Love You" on it. He then said "This is from my little brother, not me" and I burst into laughter cause his brother was only 7.
Maybe not that funny, but I thought it was cute (: I had fun eating the candy, and cleaning it up u__u;; Hope you enjoyed my story (: !


sly said...

Hi Phi~ I'm Lin =D
I've been following you for a while and was super sad when I thought you wanted to quit youtube and suck x__x
You've been a great inspiration into the blogging world (hopefully I'll have enough courage to go and make videos too XD)Anywhooz, I'm still a newbie on this blog thing so I thought it was a great idea to do this contest =D

And my story is that 3 years ago, a good friend of mine and I finally decided to start a relationship and coincidentally it was valentines day. ~_~ expect he had laser eye surgery so he was blind. I decided to bring him some of his favourite comfort foods. Except when I went to visit him he was sleeping. I thought it'd be cute to sneek up on him and kiss him. ~_~ Except you know, when I was super close to kissing him he said "mom?"
D= later I found out he was kidding >__< but damn soooo akward right?
lol XD I hope that made you laugh as much as I did!

さらまり said...

Hi Phi,

I am your follower and really want to join your giveaway. But I don't have a funny valentines story.

Hmm, well I will try with this story:
When I was younger I used to exchange handmade valentines card with my best friends. At that time I used to be extremely obsessed with the singer Gackt. I talked about him constantly and collect his pictures. So my best guy friend gave me a card that said "Sorry I couldn't get you Gackt for valentines day, so you just have to settle for this card" haha.

èle said...

Jyello Phi!

Love your blogs btw, they light up my day and some times they give me something to think about. So here's a bit about me XD

My name's michele and I'm from Mauritius (small island off the coast of Madagascar). I'm of Chinese descent and they all speak french in Mauritius and most of the population is Indian. Culture clash huh? I have the shortest attention span, I've had a bzillion hobbies but makeup is the only one that stuck around (that's how I found you). I lie like it's the truth, I swear like a sailor, but i'm all mushy and gooey inside. I'm unnaturally attracted to cute fluffy things and I'm so clumsy I've stubbed my toe so hard once it sprained. I've been mistaken for a 12 yr old (I'm 19). I get laughed at for being an anime dork (I'm kinda whitewashed, so apparently this is HIlarious). I have a bunk bed and used the bottom bunk to hang clothes.

So here are some vday memories:
-baked a cake for my bf, messed up letter icing and so I just sribled on it in an artistic manner =P
- had a valentine give me a book about Jesus Christ.

Best part:

random fact about me......

are you ready?

I can lick my elbow

I get a lot of NO WAY show me. I promise you i can ;)

Angel said...

(Thanks for commenting back! Yes, I was really proud of him. haha xD To see that jerk embarrassed get what he deserved was worth it. <3
I was still mad at him though! Bully!

p.s. I am glad you like my doodles! ^_^ I haven't updated my blog in forever though. X_X I have a small gallery here that I sometimes update if you like to look too! :D


sly said...

XD cuz that's the type of person he is~ He thought it would be funny buuuut it was akward @_@

JENNIFER said...

Hello Phi!

I don't really have any funny valentines story.. but I was dating this guy and I didn't tell my parents about him. One day I when I was over his house, my dad came home. My sister had called me and told me he came home and he went outside to get the mail. I told my sister to open the shower and lock the bathroom door so it could be like I was in the shower. I needed to go home now so he got his mom to drop me off but on my way home (we live close by) my dad was talking on the phone so his mom was driving so slow and she was so into sneaking me back in! I was talking to my sister during while I was in the car and she told me that our dad got into the shower. So I ran inside and got the key to unlock the bathroom door and got in the shower. When I got out my dad didn't say ANYTHING!

That was the first and last time I ever snuck out ever again. I thought I was gonna get caught but it's pretty funny when I think back at it. Haha!

Thanks for holding this giveaway!

hellokittyromance said...

hi phi~ my name is Hana and i was born in Beijing China, currently living in Virginia. i am attending a private boarding school right now so my life is pretty boring lol. but there was something that was pretty funny that last year happened to my friend on Valentine's day.
so it was Valentine's day and my friend was turning 18. she was going to have like the best date with her boy friend. but, that was the first day she got her PERIOD =_= she even posted on FML. and i think it went something like this:
"Today, is my long-anticipated 18th birthday! Today also happens to be the first day of my period. I've spent the whole morning in the fetal position with agonizing cramps, reduced to tears and whimpering while the painkiller refuses to kick in. Happy birthday! Love, my uterus. FML"

it's pretty awesome not having your period until your 18, but it sucks getting it on your 18th birthday and taking up time for you to get ready for your boyfriend dont you think? lol

<3 Hana

bebe said...

hey phi.. omygosh i posted my sappy life story on the wrong post.. lol...
i must say i am going through the same thing you are right now..recovering from a break up..although girl, you are taking it very well!! yea! but not me..i just really can't get over him..i mean i met him when i was only 5 and it was honestly..well i just felt i've known him for SO LONG and we finally started going out and everything was so great and it was our 2 year annivasary last month but it turned out that...bas**** dumped me on the day of our annivasary to be with another girl...who is honestly..not the nicest girl ever. i mean she has a reptuation to be a slut.! like i am so sure she is just using him but he thinks im just saying that to get him back...i really just don't want him to get hurt...what should i do phi? just let it go...or..IDONTEVENKNOW..

well i know u wanted a funny story... lol sorry but i really dont have any these days.. but reading your post reminds me of the valentine we spent together last year and it was just so sweeet and funny. He wanted to surprise me with a home cooked meal at his place and i know he cant cook for the life of him! and still he was trying and when i went over.... there he was sitting in the middle of his living room with like a million cookbooks and talking to himself wonddering whats wrong..AND THEN i went into the kitchen and i FIGURED OUT what's wrong..HE ACTUALLY TRIED TO BOIL AN EGG IN THE has gotta be the mooooooooooosttt basic stupid mistake ever!!!
and i was like..omgod what the hell happened to the kitchenn and he was like.. apologizing over and over for runing the special was honestly so sweet and still brings tears to my eyes..... i reallly wish..he'd come back to me...

this year...for valentines day idk what im gonan do?? stuff my self silly with junk food,, u know ice cream and all those goodies... lol...
thanks for reading this!!

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