my first blog giveaway

by - Saturday, February 06, 2010

i have been collecting many things for contests and just never had the time to get around it but here i go! my first blog contest im really excited and its a simple one too! all you have to do is be a follower of mine, age 18+ or have permission from fam bam to let me send you goodies, and yup thats pretty much it! contest is open up to anyone and will end on 02-14-10 good date to end it right?

so what the contest is about... stories about you! i want to get to know more ppl and i think this would be fun doing so! i want to know your funny valentine! if its with bf, hubby, friends anything hehe just anything that will make my sides hurt from laughing! i think laughing is good for the soul and boy do i need some good laughs!

OK so if lots of ppl join in there will be two winners so we will see what happens! have fun and enjoy! i will add in my little creations to the goodies so i cant wait to read your stories~

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