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by - Tuesday, March 02, 2010

hello my beautiful readers! hows life treating you? i currently burned three of my fingers while trying to cook fruit tarts today and burned the pie crusts a bit, but that gives it extra flavor. hehe made pasta with le madeline's tomato soup? mind as well be a sauce! sucker is thick as whoa! but it was pretty tastey meal hehe been dipping my hand in ice water all this time so im good for blogging!

so sunday i had to wakeup around 5 or so to go on a family road trip to houston? i didnt know what for at that time... but i had an old friend who lived there so i wanted to see her so badly, but sigh... she couldnt come see me... she was my very first friend when i moved to new high school? around those old days haha~ but yeah it was an ok trip? i didnt feel car sick! thats a first! im usually very ill when i drive for long periods of time.. even did my makeup in the car now that... took hella skill! when we went to get gas or at red lights i did my eyeliner or mascara bahahah!

ok ok so where did we go? to a temple?? im like... wha we are catholic why are we here??? i was so confused, but my dad im not surprised... he likes all the wierd asian stuff like my grandmothers... maybe ill understand when im older. the smell of insence were amazingly strong and burned my eyes, tons of grannies everywhere, children playing outside... it was like another world to me it was all so very beautiful too~ my dads side of the family were there also praying for new year and wishes? theres this jar with sticks with numbers on it? you chant what you want and shake the bottle till a stick falls out and you get a yellow paper with your number on it and it will tell you whats in store for you! now... me... i had three bad ones... HAHAHA and if they are bad your suppose to burn it... i was like... why... it kinda scared me... it said i will get into trouble, be ill, fight with friends, blahhhhh!!! my grandma said it was because i wasnt truely trying.. so i went again i pleaded... that my resolution for this year to come true~

but the dang thing is in viet? so i couldnt read it... my aunt said it was good though and so im ok! she also said im getting married this year.. i dont know about that.. hahahha!!! but im excited... im going to try harder now! after all the praying and smelling all smokey we went to eat at a place called tan tan it was ok~ i barely see my dads side of the fam only on holidays so it was nice to see my cousins hehe went to some huge asian market? and you guys know mee i love exploring haha! though i have to say houston is ok, but i love dallas more! and for the temple stuff my dad said to me that i thought was pretty neat... that every religion has a god in some way or form so... i let my whole heart open up when i prayed... he said all god wants is for you to be happy right?

ok so... have you ladies seen the vid about wigs and what not sky rocket in 09? LOL the vanity... its just so beautiful to have long thick hair! well to me... ive been wearing extentions since high school? my hair is long but not thick... super thin to be exact! so i like the thickness and all that good stuff! i saw judy yt guru do review on jessica simpson bangs and i was like thats pretty neat! sometimes my bangs does this funky stuff and never really does what i want so i wanted to give it a try! i bought the chestnut piece and it matches my other extentions, but i have horrible black roots showing so i am in need of coloring! ohh and for the dior lipstick! its dior addict in 763 hehe

did some deco! not going to buy that deco clear case glue crap... ITS CRAP or the one i got... lolol i didnt need it... but i decode my light up mirror with hello kitty theme! isnt it so so so cute?! haha i still need to do my ipod case and camera... so behiind i know~

so the popular makeup... pastel colors! the new red? orange//red type lipsticks ooo the tarina tarantino has one that im itchy to buy... Paramour is the name... and who can resist the pretty packaging and lip conditioning agents in it... LOL!!!and nail polishes in taupe colors is in... making a shopping list LOL!!!! im so bad i know.. T_T

with that said... i hope who ever you may be... to be happy and things do get better in time hehe have a good week and be safe~

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