rainy days are good blogging days

by - Thursday, February 04, 2010

or im just making it up as i go? i always start off with apologize, but u guys know how it goes... busy busy me just trying to make the slow day go by faster. i enjoy working hard idk it makes me feel like i accomplished much in my time of working and i think ive gotten a lot better with communicating and all that jazz~ i just wish i can make more friends who share same interests as i do. i made a couple and they are so so so adorable! but i really want those gal kind of circles idk if anyone likes gyaru or obsessed over anything kawaii at my age... i think i was born at the wrong time haha~ im 22 and i feel kinda old and pretty much too innocent for my own good. all i know how to do is work try to make women happy about themselves and shopping LOL well not really.. still trying to bargin shop... when something catches my eye i have to have it... its like how i think is... " its limited... it will be gone before sales or it will run out quicky" those are the thoughts in my mind... total shop-a-holic right...

so my valentine look i guess is like every other valentine look hehehe but i liked it simple and cute! maybe ill do more pinks.... more colors to spice up my life!!! i bought lots of things online and totally forgot what i bought... does that sound bad? i know for sure i bought deco gems and a tripod FINALLY i didnt know how u bad asss youtube divas did it... been proping it on books or used my other hand... talk about video making noob... im not savvy with many things... twitter i use my ipod touch to read ppls comments toward my posts... and use comp or phone to tweet im like... ding dong hahaha!

hehe so haul i finally finally finally bought the alice palette!!! the colors i think are similar in a way to the book of shadows vol.1? just a tad... i havnt used it yet... bought some cute kat von d liquid liners for nine bucks talk about a deal right... and the colors are so fun! like a summer look or somethin~ and i also got the new dior highlighter from spring collection? it is more finer than the diamond powder i got last year lalalove it!

and some crafty haul! lots of cute home stuff was like 40% off at micheals hehe also bought some flowers and little confetti stuff to make with some carfts or phone charms so so so excited! i hate though when i find a tutorial and i cant find some of the items i need... like smooth cast 237? LOL i have to learn the hard way ahah~

just a little post on things hehe been working lots with parents and less of school... u know how that goes... parents -_-;; been eating a lot healthier too! and working out in the morning does help omgee i have so much energy now! but i feel old? AHAH! kidding kidding~ going to try to save up and go to seattle in july for three weeks! so if anyone lives in seattle please please hit me up! i want to explore!!! going with cuzzo and it should be fun hahah mmm so yeah... watching surfing nijas and bloggin is hard! ;p going to do major cleaning today and i guess do another look soon!

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