new things makes me happy~

hahah finally no stress about the bmw! dont get me wrong i love how cute they are but it isnt cute when fixing it cost up to thousands of dollars... thats not cute! so went with dad to pick a new car! BOY if someone told me it would of taken so long i wouldn't have went with my dad... LMAO! was up there at 11 till... 4? YEAH! thats like... working hours man! i had the intentions on getting a scion tc since it looks uber sexy on the commercials but in person im like... wtf its so small HAHAH! and the other models... look so like a boy kinda car... so i got myself a camry! YUP! dark charcoal grey, tinted windows, mud flaps, and... none.. plastic rims? LMAO! i wanted leather... but i thought about how summer would be and how i would fry in the car... hehe so im super excited and i will bling out my car soon? im thinking about doing the buttons, the driving stick, car id, and keys! im sucha freak... but my car will be bad ass!

hehe okay so haul! went to ghetto hair shop? u know the ones with a lot of african american picture display in the front and when u go inside its like owned by some sort of asian? and have like ghetto bars around the building? YEAH! HAHAHA its the best! they sell cheap lashes, lots of hair goodies! ok if u havent tried dry shampoo and your hair gets easily oily like mine... you should try it! idk i have to wash my hair everyday! i also have thin hair, but by the end of the day it looks greasy... and i have like phobia of ppl seeing my hair that way... even when ppl say it doesnt look it i still like see it i guess? idk im wierd... but i love dry shampoo! it literally volumes my hair and takes out the oils! they had this gel kind... ive been using ojon and fekkai and they are powder form... but i tried the gel and idk... haha maybe ill keep trying it! also got some nyx jumbo pencils that ive been seeing in some youtube vids i think they look neat cant wait to try them out!

so after that went to barnes and nobles and picked up new issue of martha mag... yes shes like my idol? she makes and cooks so many things im like... so craft cooking craze now a days! jajaja and i also got a soap making book! it looks fun and can be sweet gifts! i cant wait to get my hands on making them :3 i made some kind of egg spinach pie today and my mom loved it and i totally forgot to take pic of it... idk if i can do cooking vids its hard to record and cook at the same time T_T i need to invest in those tripod things... i made yummy lettuce wraps for dinner! egg pie thing is for breakfast tomorow :3

and heres the doodle i was talking about in previous post? im starting to obsess over alice in wonderland and twilight music idk it kinda sets my mood? my minds not all here and the music seems like its just for me if that makes any sense... i express myself differently i guess hahaha! i feel like a cinderella who didnt find her happy ending and no not the one at massage parlors the old fashion fairy tale stuff! i like how... everday words mean something different... like pearl necklaces and strawberry shortcakes... i hate my guy friends...

Phiphi Nguyen


Shop N' Chomp said...

Congrats on your new awesome ride!! =D Yeah, it takes a while. Especially when you're playing negotiator...haha. Looking forward to seeing it blinged out! Nice haul too. I want to get my hands on some dry shampoo.

Tamara said...

Dear, leather is kinda tricky lol xD.
In winter it becomes super cold (you need seat heating!), in summer kinda hot. But it's so comfy, tho it's best to get the best leather ever or you'll glue yourself to the seat.
But congrats on the new car!! :D

glitteryeyesxx said...

Wowow, you're so lucky! Got a new car? Lol, I'm still rockin' the same car I got when I first got my license. :/

I am going to get a new car, but not until next year. You know it's the year of the Tiger this year, right? Well my mom told me that since it's MY YEAR, I'm gonna have bad curse?
You ever heard of that logic? I swear, Vietnamese mothers, haha!

You think you can take pics of the back of your car? For some reason, I always check out the back, since all the fronts of Toyota's pretty much look the same (which is the car I have, lol).

JENNIFER said...

Hello! Very cute blog. :)

LUCKY! Congrats on your new car! My parents bought me a old car for my first car.. but it's okay.

There's one of those shops in my neighbor hood. I had gotten a pack of extensions there! I want to go and see if they got nyx and cheap lashes!

Great haul! I'll be def. following your blog. :D

dollie* said...

your car is gorgeous! lucky duck lol followed your blogg <3 I hop you will do the same <3

lots of loveee <3

CyndiixPii said...

ahh i love your new babyyy! gah you got gifts with your ride? i got shit when i got my toyota =[[ AWW we think so alike! i was gonna get a tc after my lexus suv hahaha but the insurance on that is through the roof!!! i love you boo boo! i better see you soon<3 kisses!