umm... to the angry people. its tiring to listen to your crap

by - Sunday, January 03, 2010

hehe so i decided im going to not dwindle my time away and focus on finishing school and lots more! ive been really trying to do my best but drama seems to follow me everywhere? work and at home, but that doesnt really matter im just not going to give a damn! im doing this for me and oh i took out my chatter box since theres always a hateful person saying something thats well rude?

to haters: hmm... next time you see me why dont you intro yourself instead of ohhh messaging me anonymously on my chatter box? did i do something to you for you to be so effing rude? keep my name out your mouth you dont know me obviously and i kinda feel sorry for you... to waste your energy on me and to talk all that noise? yeahhh i dont think i said im perfect? did i say anything to hurt your feelings??? im truly truly sorry you feel that way and had to go through the trouble of talking smack onto my chatter... get to know me dear before you spit un thoughtful words.

sigh~ i dislike little girls. treat others the way you want to be treated is what i go by... idk why i have these ppl coming into my life you dont really hurt me i just pity them bc they dont know me and decide to do that its kinda... tiring and i just wish girls wouldnt be like that... its srsly such a waste of time to be angry! i wont let me down nope... this year im changing what about you?

im not saying im a saint or perfect im not! but why do i get this crap when i want to do or show something i like? ohhh am i not allowed to???! why the hell are you even wasting your time on my blog or anything else?! srsly... its tiring it makes me want to just stop blogging and youtubeing... people are just so ugly in the inside and its not necessary! what are u jealous of me? what the eff is your reason??? please email me or comment me why you have to be so ugly towards me???

if you think im spoiled or some shit like that you have it so effing wrong! i work hard for what i get! dont think other wise!

its just tiring really to see ppl go so low and say such things. this year im going to change what about you? haters... waste so much time hating... adds wrinkles and waste so much time... shit you can be doing useful stuff but no u decided to stalk me. go ahead. waste as much time as you like i dont give a darn... yeah i maybe not skinny, but i can lose it and i am a better person than you so what do u have? its a new year dear get over your stank personality.

and im sorry that i had to post this... it is a waste of my time, but its getting annoying... ill post up some hauls i bought maybe on tuesday. sorry again if you wonderful ladies have to read this... going through a lot and it just keeps piling up woosh~~~

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