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by - Monday, January 11, 2010

get healthy

so easy to say i cant sleep early thinking ill do good for myself... i end up waking up in the middle of the night wide awake! sleeping alone now is kinda harddd to tell you the truth... stay up more and wake up at odd times! sigh~ hehe i hope everyone had a lovely weekend! i had some good and bad things! birthday and valentines oh and new years is coming up! im excited for that and kinda nervous of whats to come~ 2010 i hope you will be good to me! 2009 was a hot mess filled with problems that i couldnt solve... deep stuff deep stuff but i started off positive this year! eating right and doing some yoga hahaha! im going to be so excited for the results! more energy more confidence though trying to be friends with ryan DID not help with tons of girls around! hehe but i guess ill have luck next time~ i would say he inspired me much how talented he is and all jaja!

love love love

did i tell you valentines is my favorite holiday? even if i dont get flowers or chocolates... (cries) hehe i like how ppl are happy well the ones i see? seeing happy wives come in with spa gift cards from husbands... or small gifts of perfume and such for their hunnies... its so cute!!! and all the pinks and hearts everywhere i love hearts mhm i think in happier times i was a hopeless romantic, but i was totally wrong to think my ex would feel the same as me hmm... i hope the person i find later in life i wont be cold but i think ill be cautious.. saying the love word.. i deslike to say to anyone.. when i do it feels fake? it takes me longer and longer to trust and to say it to people... i wont be ice woman, but i dont think i cant easily say "i love you" to anyone... with that said im not the type to jump from one guy to the next nope i have been on and off with ex for 4 years. yeah he left me for other girls and didnt treat me that great... but hes actually the first guy, first love sigh~ i tried my best and he couldnt so things just fell apart. it was really really tough for me but i got over it in time like everyone said and focused on me instead of him. he was obviously not on the same page as me sooo i think from this i grew up, gain more confedence and wont give a rats ass about him bc hes not worth my tears... each one.. made me stronger and he was just a boy. im going to finish cosmo school and be great at it! sure im not brainy, but ill get by! after i save enough i want to go to cullinary school or something with arts im terrible in math, but art is my passion im good at it and im strong in it sure i do things the hard way, but i get it done hehe so i think i have my life set! just waiting for mr. right to come along and share this life with me! im really really excited haha and maybe my shopping habits will slow down... i want to travel also so yes resolution? get healthy, learn to play piano the right way, make more videos, blog more often, get an apartment, find mr. right, and be happy about everything!

sorry such a long post on that one hehe i just feel extra odd at.... 3 in the morning! ok so haulage i just love the philosophy body wash, bubble bath, shampoo stuff? LOL so many things u can use with this stuff? and clean your makeup brushes with it too~ i loveee peppermint hot coco and caramel apples so having that linger on the skin hehe im going to test it and ask my guy friends to smell me :p got the bare mineral kit with the pink alligator skin type bag... i just wanted the stipling brush and bag to tell u the truth... kinda gave my cousin the other things it came with lol! sephora eye primer is farely good! and cheaper in price from other primers, i needed new tinted moisturizer and decided to try tarte and i have to say coverage is good, but kinda thick? like diors or lisa miran, but minus the sun block smell all in all i like the coverage! i tried the too faced lighted mascara andd it is ok? it doesnt give a lot of thickness but it does extend them a bit! i thought it was neat to have a light? yay now i can do my mascara in the dark! jk jk! hehe now the benefit sugar bomb... tastey looking? well the display was! i thought it would smell chocolatly like the toofaced bronzer but its not... thought it was bronzer too but its a blusher! it is a darkish pink red color and it looked nice on my cheeks! i would say its a tone down sort of blush not like nars orgasm so theres not a lot of shimmer, but nice color to it! ok so... i like the urban decay big nasty brush thing... i think its for boddy glitter but ill use it to sweep off hair on clients? LOLOL i thought it was oh so cute! i want to bling it out!!! so thats my haul... with review! hahaha!

went to target also and had SOOOO many valentine inspired items! i bought stuff for future apartment? yes i do collect things... im so drivin and cant wait to get one! counting down the days hehehe~ i love hearts and pink but i dont think its good to have every room pink even though i would LOVE that! i think my kitchen appliences will be pink... hehehe maybe i should be a stalker and see when the valentines stuff go down... the plates and cups are sooo cute!

on sat rarely do i have that day off spent it with a few friends and one was cyndi who i met on youtube? she is super cute and nice i admit i love her! she even gave me a birthday gift! hahah ill wear it whenever i see her or with fun clothes! day was amazingly fun went to hmart and ate lots of yummy things, bought a lot of bakery goods! mozart cafe is so... adorable... i wish they had those cappucino art thingos? i would love to try that! i love cafe bakery places i think its so warm and friendly and it was filled with cute koreans jajaja! we also went to the movies and saw sherlock holmes it was sooo funny! me and cyndi laughed throughout everything! safe to say i think cyndi is the best to go with for movies! hahaha usually i go with my family... and they dont have easy humor as i do? LOL!!! also bought some plushies! i bought a pink cute tofu to hug to sleep and some cute sanrio character slipper i dont know his name... its so effing long! but its the little racoon bear thing that likes coffee? LOL and i had to have it!

all in all it was amazingg after that though... not so much... when i barely turned into my street... my car started to rumble and DIED i was like NOOOOOO! i was thinking it was my tire bc it was a grinding noise... but it was something in the inside... so me... with all my goodies.... waddeling home in the freezing night... it was 17 i believe? so as is i couldnt feel my face or fingers... walked all the way home to get my brother to help me see whats wrong... he couldnt figure it out so we had to push my car to a safer spot... ugh... i deslike bmw... yeah its cute, but parts are so dang expensive and after five years? forget about it! down hill from there... i have x5 and it was my first car... HAHA it was my moms but my dad has this stupid hummer obsession and bought two :D smart right??? stupid cramp cars... and he had stickered the car with the business on it? so it was big and cramped in the inside with ghetto water and half naked lady on it... truely... hate rolling up to church in the big ass ghetto water car... HAHAHAHAH but im gettin g it towed later on today and have to take brothers car to work... sigh... i think im so unlucky... dad was majorly pissed and he loves blaming me for everything so sunday mornings with parents is not my cup of tea give up

ohh so ive been thinking ive been on soompi and theres threads about fave bloggers and they mention why its their fave? idk what my blog is?? mostly hauls and my insane life... i guess i should start putting reviews of products? and picture tutorialss oooooo but i will say this it will take me longer haha simply bc i hate uploading photos and editing all of them... i deslike ppl taking them and saying its their own really ticks me off! LOL sorry for writing so much! im more of a picture person, but sometimes if i see funny things ill read to the end or revealing of dark secrets or reviews on products i had my eye on? LOLOL! my favorite bloggers would be disire, lotus palace, xiaxue, siru, xppinkx, eki just a few i follow tons of ppl simply bc i think they are amazing but i like style type blogs with makeup, fashion, and food! hehe what is your fave bloggers? and new years resolutions?! too lazy to put copyright... now i can sleep now knowing i posted HAHAHAHA jk jkim odd

ok ill give a tip?? LOLOLOL eyebrows! if u have thin horrible ones like mine or have some gaps to fill? i like to get them waxed or threaded but once u get them cleaned and arched, when using pencil or powder do in short strokes! and go with your natural eyebrow hairs. you can exagerate them, but i dont want them to look so fake. i like dior eyebrow pencils and for wax and powders... i love wax! wax makes the hairs go one way and helps the powder to stay on~ mmm tarte, anastasia, and too faced have wonderful eyebrow kits! hahah i want my blog to be more variety!!!

i think ill also tell you my progress? i lost 3 pounds on first week i am super happy! i found out that i eat under 1800 cals a day so i was super excited about that! gave up coke or tryingg i have a few sips of my brothers from time to time when we go eat HAHAHA i also eat less rice so one bowl and fill up on veggies and meat! ive also been stuffing my face with shitake mushrooms since i heard its good for the skin... eating carrots to help my poor eyess and tomatoes to reduce risk of cancer? i hate tomatoes i really do... LOLOLL! ive also been jogging and doing crazy stretches while watching martha stuart... yes... shes my idol... oh and ive been packing lunches too!

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