productive day? im trying! :p

by - Tuesday, January 05, 2010

its great way to start the day by wakeing up at 11! my sleep patterns are a bit wack! so i only work three days this week so ill take this time to clean my god awful room! i swear... i have too much clothes for my own good... buy a new outfit for every event wth im going to go broke! haha! and im totally trying to slow down on buying makeup! god knows i dont need anymore? new things make me all giddy.... really bad i know... hehe lately ive been going to bed bath and beyond and stores with furniture things? and it makes me want to like hurry my ass with school and get my own place! i sooo want one badly! i deslike sharing bathrooms and cleaning up after my ungreatful siblings haha i love them, but geesh... im tired of babying the monsters! (who i love a lot haha!) so cleaning atm! cleaned out my computer and saw old pics and fun little things i use to do! do u ladies know haduri things that ulzzangs use? hahah i have the programs and cant even read korean! i am so wierd... i found so many gifs ive done and i think i look like a big dork!!! this one though isnt that old idk im bored easily... and if i try to play games when im bored i get sleepy... or watch tv... im like wth. so if u want me to sleep just put a game, tv infront of me :D!

so i want a new camera... my 400$ fuji one is not as bad ass as samsung tl220 ugh! bad ass camera!!! u can have a screen in the front so that u can take great pics without having to turn it around and see if u like that pic or not! its like... best thing ever... HAHAHAH! less wasting time! im going to save up for the camera jajaja! and its touch screen??? im in love! one con though its kinda thick but still i want it! hehehe

bought some more crafts! im thinking about doing little mini jars and fill it with cute stuff? phone charm idea haha i have tons of ideas and finally doing some on my spare time! i hate my days off it feels way too short! but i am trying my best haha! got tons of videos that need editing... just one thing at a time i guess! and bought some pink hair rollers and mirror! cuz u know i cant have enough pink things hehehe

oh and happy holiday and new years! gosh i totally forgot! hahaha i had a blast! went clubbing and quest was there my beloved ryan! omgee... im like old school fan! i told him that too and they were like oh man u gotta party with us bring your drink and ladida lets just sayyy i was super happy that night... i was offered a lot of drinks and i have to say i didnt like them much but i took them x_x i laughed at everything tripped on everythinggg and when the ball dropped i got so many kisses!!! guys and... girls 0_0 some from who i knew and then some? HAHAHA! i thought i would be getting those air kisses... but i was wrong i guess ppl are just extra happy when they are drunk and it is a custom to kiss for the new years? i guess ive been missing out! ;D oh and i dont like my smile... ppl tell me to and i get in the moment... i so dont like to smile... my lips get super thin and u see a lot of teeth.. LOL!!! idk why i just dont like to! my outfit was all from forever21~ i wish they had one near me... anywho my fave thing was the blinged out flats i felt soo so sooo glam! and i did ricebunny's new years glitter look and to my surprise lipgloss makes it stay on way better than the mist n fix! instead of all the colors she used i just stuck with white and black hehe

i like sales after the holidays? and bath and body works everything i liked was five bucks! i wouldve gotten carried away if my mother wasnt there haha shes like omg your crazy put that back! T_T... it makes my room smell pretty though! big sigh! hahaha! and some conditioner ive been needing! i run out of conditioner so fast... jajaja i like shopping with parents even though i get the end of the stick... parents bought my brother 150 dollar jeans just to find out he didnt register for classes... boy... all of us got a lecture...

see... how i think i want to do cosmo stuff till i get tired of it and do my college basics during that time too or all of it im not sure i want to own businesses or manage so yeah lets just say i gotten a lot of motivation from new friends! and im not so gloom over ex anymore hes obviously doing fine without me and doing watever he wants? he said merry christmas to me out of the blue hoping im doing fine... yeah u ass... left me here of course i am :D though he did make me stronger... i dont think i want to find or share certain feelings towards any new guy... ill be more cautious for the heart and i def do not want to feel hurt ever again! new years resolution going to be happy and get my ass in the game. i cant be the bell of the ball if i dont put myself out there! in the process yes ive gotten ppl who hate me, but i just pitty you for not becoming a friend. so im going to get healthier, more out there, make more friends, do my best and get everything that i want!

anywhoos... i youtube up how to make ribs and this guy with silly accent made some that looked amazing! and it was super easy hahaha and i had all the fixings! i think i really like cooking! its right up there next to artsy fartsy stuff i enjoy hehe! lmao it looks super shiny~

super simple recipe for oven ribs:
celery & onions & garlic
lipton onion soup
bbq sauce

step one: cut the ribs between the bones? and place into deep baking pans mmm... the ones u bake brownies in? HAHAHAH!

step two: chop up the onions, garlic, and celery! thick pieces! and sprinkle on top of the ribs use as much veggies as you like!

step three: add water to the pan! just enough to cover the bottom and then add the lipton onion mixture~

step four: pour in the bbq sauce of your choice and cover with foil! bake at 350 for two hours and uncover 15 min to brown the top and glaze it with more bbq if u want :3

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