hope everyone had a good holiday

by - Sunday, December 27, 2009

now the new years is coming and i feel like its so cliche to say the same resolution every year, but this time im goign to stick with it since the boy i fell in love with isnt the type of person i want to spend my life with and all this financial problem in the world i decided that i need to wake up from the shock and go forward and change for the better! i started a better eating habit and working a lot more to the point where i pass out jajaja! im also getting in some gym time! i know scary... but i kinda love this being hella busy kind of person! makes the day seem a lot shorter hehe! but yeah i hope you wonderful lovlies had a good christmas and got something u wanted! i got some very cute gifts from co workers and family most gave me money which i am not complaining about!!!

for co workers i bought mini christmas tins and filled it with bake goodies that i made! and some sugar coated pecans! im so crafty i know! i made miniture cream puffs and chocolate mint cookies hehehe! and everyone loved it! i think i have a passion for baking lately! it must be all my deco that is the cause of it LOLOLOLOL!!! my friends bday was after christmas too so i got her a gift card to sephora and some makeup things hehe and my fave gift i recieved was the harajuku hair pins!!!!!! she gave me the bracelete last christmas omgee i love her so much! im like treated like a little sister or daughter at my work hahahaha its my voice and how innocent i am... though i wish i wasnt... sometime i want to understand their jokes or convos but alas its epik fail XP

and for meee since i didnt get uggs that ive been asking for two years spent it on some sweet steals at sephora! too faced eyeshadows and glitter liners only for 8 bucks... so i went crazyyy!!! and i needed brow stuff so tart brow kit... 6 bucks!!! omg... i was in heaven that day~ also got a late christmas gift for cuzzo got some sephora brush set and face kit with kat von d tote and also gave her my 500 point perk kat von d shadows.... im so nice i know...

been shopping all week! mom is crazy on holiday time, but i get to sneak in a few things with her purchases lolololol so shopping with mom is always great!!!! im starting to like those big stores that sell things for cheap? who would of imagine i would find so many things... i use to avoid stores that are cramp with so many clothes just makes me discourage to loook.... i like to shop quickly so yeah... im learning! and my cousin used this makeup remover stuff that actually took off a lot of my makeup! way bette than my bliss face wash! =0 maybe ill combine both or do a switch a roo jajaja i find it most helpful! so there u have it i have one fave drug store product!!!

ive also revieved my ipod case in the mail so ill be making a deco video soon! i wish i would get partner with youtube soon.... been ages now!!! i guess ill throw a contest soon but of what??? heeheh well this is good night and i hope your weekend was full of good stuff!

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