aint nothing but a thaaaaang~

by - Saturday, January 23, 2010

ive been mia i knowww! lots going on atm! work and car... did i mention my parents sold it? so ive been driving my brothers and woosh he does not take care of it... hes a pain but some way of form i do love him hahaha. so birthday was fun! lasted for the whole week! spending time with family and friends are always fun! and going to dallas... is amazing! i want to move there someday and be one bad cosmo lady! thats whats up! HAHAHHAHA i think its so wierd when ppl hear me talk like... "ghetto" they laugh? im like really? i did grow up in a bad place with like ten ppl in one little house.. yeah projects... for sure... had to fight for my markers and pokemon cards! hehe kidding kidding. meeting up with old friends brings back a lot of good memories! and i got to hangout with new friends also i loved itt!

glimps of birthday gifts from my co workers! they even threw me a part which was so sweet... they treat me like a daughter and learn so much from them and so thankful to have them! idk having different ages and differnt types of ppl in my life is always a fun experience~ im always learning from others and it makes me feel like wow if that makes sense? i love learning about ppl idk why...

oh and im going back to art! i stuffed most of my art pieces under my bed and my friend wanted to see some of my things so it got me thinking... i was really good at it and missed it so i bought a nice leather journal looking thing that is like in the movies? AHAHAHAH its so cute... got the art pencils too! so i, if u didnt know... is obsessed with alice in wonderland.. im so getting the urban decay book and nail polishes! anything disney i like or love! i did have that mini video collection but was lost during lots of moving... i think when i have children and if they still do the unlock vault thingie for classic ill start collecting them again. alice in wonderland, snow white, little mermaid.. few of the classics! what inspired me... i guess my old thoughts and certain someone who is... inspiring me to be a better person hehe

someone wanted me to do tuts on stuff i cook... i thought that would be neat to share with u guys what do u think? should i make another youtube account just for foods? or use my styleganji account and make it a variety of things?? idk if i can make food and makeup into one channel thingo... hmmm! well this is a mix of stuff? chinese sausage scrambled eggs wih fish sauce and kimchi LMAO! i usually dont eat all the stuff u see prob just eggs... but i had cousins over and they have... i swear bottomless pits in their stomachs... they eat so much hahaha!

i brought my camera to work! and im glad to have! i got to take a pic finally of my work what do u think??? hahah i love beating face! and my client was so sweet and so funny! she just open up to me while i was doing her makeup haha which a lot do??? i guess its a very chill kind of relationship right? idk what im saying but i had fun doing her makeup! she looks so flawless? and she had the longest lashes EVER! i was indeed jealous~ im getting better at this stuff... i can do any type of skin color now and makeup doesnt take me as long! im pretty proud of myself! hehe~

and a little secret? stila is like... going to be baddd ass in spring and fall!!! im already... writing down what i like HAHAHA! im bad i know.... i just bought a lot of deco things from fullmoon... cant wait cant wait!!!!

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