im a busy bee!

by - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

hehe like the title said! i went to ross the other day with mom and lets just say we went a little crazy! i never been to ross if that doesnt sound bad idk.. i dont like going into stores that have racks that are jam packed? so i avoid it though im prob missing out on some good sales... im learning! lets just say i went crazy in the house area? there was so many cute things and if u know me by now i collect things for my future home!!! LOL i have boxes filled with bowls and trinkets i just cant wait to get my own place! though i wonder iffff i can find someone who would put up with my pink girly self... or i can just live alone for the rest of my life and have a million cats surrounded by pretty nik naks jajaja! T_T

so at ross my mom bought everyone a big ross bag! it wasl ike 7 bucks each?! hell to the yes! and i got a harajuku bag to put my laptop or anything hehe its hugeee! and they had big bottles of hand soap and omg i love apple stuff... hehe even got hello kitty undies ._. hahaha i dont think ill grow out of hello kitty! if i have a daughter ill spoil her with it! its just so so so darn cute!

but yeah im starting to cook more and i enjoy cooking and baking! did i ever tell u i love vodka sauce and pesto sauce? i made a small meal and the kids and mom didnt complain! i was like in the clouds haha! pesto is so freakn easy! almonds, spinach, cilantro, garlic, and olive oil!? tasted so yummy~ hehe im going to make cream puffs for my co-workers tomorow so they will be fresh on thursday! i am watching martha stewart all the time! she had snoop with her cooking brownies... that fool... cracked me up the whole episode! hes like your lucky i worked at mcdonalds to know how to do this! (LOL!!!) and martha was like ive always wanted to work at a place like that but i would get really bored.... really martha really?? anyways he wanted green brownies and kept telling martha they need a special ingreidient AHAHA lordy... but i have fun ideas for christmas! going to make cookie caskes for the kids!

tehe so like im doing videos on looks i do for work so i should of done that along time ago... blah!! but im glad to have got two done at least! i think is simply pretty and i get compliments on them! simple stuff i think :D!!! so a smokey glam eye and naughty blue and purple eye tutorial coming soon! hehe i need to color my hair... the black is fading and i look like a skunk!!!

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