by - Sunday, December 06, 2009

so just a small haul nothing fancy? hehe im slowly collecting things that was on my wishlist! new layout hehe i still need to edit but html kills me... i wish i knew more instead of doing it the hard way? its getting so so so cold! i want to buy leather jacket? and layer many things together! i love winter hehe christmas is coming up and my brithday! im super excited hehehe

sooo sweet steal purchases again! these are more for contest items? fx primer and bare mineral lipgloss hehee i bought some amazing concealer and i love it! barely need much and u can conceal the whole face! also got a free kat von d bag with the purchases hehee! OH and cargo palette! i love itt! it was 40 i think but the shadows are big and chrome ish? anyways i needed some blues and purples hehe!

also bought crafts... man... so expensive! im hoping its all worth it when i sell my goodies! i found so many ideas and is itching to do them!
hehe very short and sweet post~ im tired and kinda sad, but im so going to change! idk why its taking me so long to get over that person, but hes doing really well so i have to too. im going to change and stop being afraid mhm! i want to be a new person for next year and hopefully find someone who can actually take care of me for a change and NOT the other way around.
good night and hope u ladies had a good weekend! oh... someone told me im wierd today... i like pealing oranges like... i dont like a lot of the skin left on it? the white?? so i peel as much off as possible and let it dry out ._. LOOOL!!! idk... when i was a kid i choked on it... and i l ove oranges but skin scares me? wahahahahha! a secret to share jajaja nighttt~

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