party with quest and mac haul

by - Thursday, December 17, 2009

omg... lets just say i needed that night!!! i was all smiles and giddy! i even bought an outfit just for the night and maybe wear for christmas hehe! i love quest! im like biggest fan i think? way before americas dance crew i love watching them! i sound like those crazy korean fan girls that wait outside the stars house?? AHAHAH! only with quest though hehe ryan and victor are my favorites! victor can sing and ryan can play the piano omg.... ideal guy? funny, super sweet, well dressed, artistic in some kind of way hehe im not picky! ryan though im going to marry one day he just doesnt know!!! lmao omg.

soo the day was super busy! went to mall and picked out an outfit! cuzzo also went with me to pick something out! i thought we were going to like the club or something but it was at my uncles new restaurant? called your way burger right next to his other place called mangos haha! so i was a bit glammed up! well they were fashionably late and i went with others... uncle was already getting drunk that fool... hahah but i love him! took many pictures but i hate my smileee and the dress was too big so my boobage kept coming out???! soooo u can imaging were the eyes were when im having a convo with anyone :D! i thought it was funny how many that were there barely knew them or their names yet all over them? i was like... really??? but i didnt complain i was next to ryan and all of them and i was all smiles! hok and aris such big flirts! all the other boys were dancing and sigh! i didnt want the night to end!

everyone kept bringing me drinks! lets jsut say i learned how to drink that night! my face was on fire.... and i had to be dd... YEAH ME! i was like i guess the sober one out of everyone? everyone was falling everywhere? i must tell u the convos... ok so one of our members decided to go clubbing with quest afterwards and she has a man or watever sooo i had two drunk fools in the car well we were all but not as bad as they were? ok heres the convo using fake names LOL

tom: wait... wait! where is jane?

sue: she went to the club with quest

tom: WAIT NO! phi phi im serious we have to go pick her up! she told me to pick her up we have to go

uncle: omg lets get jane we have to get her

uncle: tom where is my shirt?

tom: idk dog

sue: tom you have it on remember u spilt drink all over your other shirt?

uncle: man... u make my 200$ shirt look good

tom: thanks man i like it too!


sue: she doesnt want to be picked up!

uncle: im a solider we dont leave no man behind... we have to go get her shes my sister!

tom: yeah shes my sister and joe (joe is janes bf) wouldnt want her to go! hes my brother!

sue: joe is my brother... not yours and he doesnt want u to pick her up! (sue is little sis of joe lol)

tom calls joe

uncle calls jane

me laughing the whole time

tom: JOE jane is at the club with those fools... what do u want me to do..

me: LOL!!!!

uncle: janeeee we gonna gitchaaaaaa we gonna gitchaaaaaa your my sistaaaaa

LMAO!!! the whole convo was about sistas and not leaving anyone behind and potty breaks... it was a great night! i never seen anyone that drunk before... i dont know why ppl do that and then end up throwing up the whole night and morning? and at the party there was one girl... idk she kept falling?? aris grabbed my friends hand and slapped her butt? she got startled and fell... next she tried to hug a guy and she fell on him after tha she was hiding outsied and tackled the guy she fell on earlier and lastly she banged her head on a pole and was sprawled out on the ground... three guys had to help her up... i was... laughing hysterically!!! i do not feel sorry for those who get that wasted!
i really didnt want them to leave i kinda wish there wasnt so many ppl and i could actually have a full on convo hehe i wanted to be like hey i liked your song or piece on this and that but they were really short but i got to hug thtem and take pics hehe i thought they would be taller some are some arnt jaja hoks hair is sooooo crazy!!! one braid going one way and one the other way i was like 0_o u look like a ghetto indian! JAJAJA! but his accent makes up for it~

lolol wrote so much! sorry hehe so mac i went and got a palette for my singles that have been adding up and that beige stick thing everyone uses? i jumped on that band wagon i know i knowww! im going to deco my camera today and do a vid on it! in need of a new vid and i shall buy more glitters for holiday looks! like the new template?? i decided to do those watermark thingos since i have ppl thefting my pics... really??? u bought it??? LOLOLOL! i thought it was funny when i heard ppl taking my pics and use it as theirs.... paleaseee u wish u had my swag :D oh yeah im signin up for the mac student thingy so i can get teh discount for being a cosmo student! heck yes! though... i have to wait 8 weeks to get my id thingie... blah!

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