small haul

by - Sunday, December 13, 2009

mmm i wished it snowed, i wished i didnt feel sad all the time, wished i could know why he threw it all away sigh!!! i need to hustle my ass more! my dream is to open my own store or salon in the future~ idk why everyone is making me do a job i deslike? or telling me what to do im just sick of it. im not being a brat i just dont like the paths everyone wants of me... i want to do cosmotology and when i get older i want to open something thats what ive been wanting for such a long time! i work hard i actually enjoy it? LOL the praise and what not! i wish i could have like a craft job that would be amazing! hehe

soooo today went shopping with mother and aunt and bought so much! i love how i have friends in different department stores? so they share discounts with me and my co workers! ITS GREAT! so mom got shopping happy and me?? i dont think i did much damage? i didnt make bonus sooo check was slightly on the sad side T_T woo... shopping with them wore me out... i was so flushed! when i got home i was knocked out.... lolololol my mom always tells me ppl who nap get fat and lazy... i wasnt aloud to nap throughout my life? so i got a bit of a chew out when i went downstairs x_X ahahah so when my friends tell me they nap im always like u bum! hehehe

okie so haul! mmm i finally collected the harajuku perfume! two are the originals and the rest is in winter wear hehe it was only 15 bucks! i had to complete it! my perfume collection is starting to get bigger ;D and kat von d eyeliner i have to say... its the best... i tried the drugstore and it fades hella quick so it is my fave liquid liner for now! and mufe aqua eyes! i also wanted to try the single lashes and i have to say.... its easier to put it on someone else then myself... i think im losing my touch! =0

jajaja so i recently watched mel vid and she use the too faced chocolate bronzer and i was eyeing it from time to time but she made it look good so i had to get! now my face shall smell of chocolate and maybe attract ppl to it ;p needed new mascara and gold cream s hadow! i think i want to collect mufe eyeshadows and creams.... its just amazingly wonderful! and heard the laura mercier puff is a good buy and washable??? i spelt my smashbox hd powder... so im going to use my mufe hd again jajaja not a very large haul but christmas is on the way! im glad im finally done shopping! OMG stupid.... stocking holder thing... i barely put a gift in and that thing toppled over and hit me T_T the gifts were too heavy i guess... stupid thing.... it was supose to say a word but we lost it so it says ho... AHHAHAH! i shouldnt nap... i think im a bit off... XD

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