black friday haul

by - Sunday, November 29, 2009

omg sooo ive never shopped on black friday? like stay up and do all that crazy stuff till this year and let me tell u i was scared! ppl are savages i tell u! waited ten hours to get ipod touch and laptop! ipod came with 50$ gift card so i haddd to get me thatttt! and i needed laptop so when im bored at work i got something to play or watch things on hehe! we had a lot of interesting ppl around us! i had fun though! and love my fabulous gifts! oh and i hope everyone had a good turkey day! i had turkey for three days straight... i think i gained weight.... jajaja....

after that went home and slept for a little then cleaned up the whole house... except my room... hahah which needs cleaning! been doing many crafts lately... and i think im getting better at it! cant wait to finish them and sell them for next year hehe im also wearing the candy series in grey? in the circle lens i mean! i also got some other kind with a black ring and natural brown color its my fave for right now! but i left it at cousins house but yeah... i love youtube and all its tutorials hahaha im so deco obsessed now! im going to do my laptop and ipod soon~

makeup makeup? so i need a lot of things, but i spent too much so i ended up getting a few things! urban decay 24/7 liners for 36? i thought it was a good deal to get so many colors! some mist n fix from mufe, nyx eyeshadows and white liner pencil! i love how affordable it is! i needed a new white pencil and some holiday colors! im thinking about doing a series of looks for christmas! i think ill do a green look like in my previous post and more to come im excited! still waiting to make partner for youtubeeeee! maybe i should make a contest soon? but of what... im less busy now so i think i shall collect more prize stuff and we shall see! oh for the contest for baskets my manager emailed the winners and already sent the gifts out so thanks for all of you who entered and supported me! it was greatly appreciated!
so yeahhhh im broke... but next time i get payed im getting for sure dior serum and pink clarisonic! idk what else i need... got two weeks to think about it lol! thanks ladies for all the support!

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