San Japan Lolita Fashion Show

by - Friday, July 25, 2014

Hello cutie! I was lucky enough to get front row seats for the fashion show that was put together by a friend! I didnt realize the lolita community was so large here in texas! A couple of my friends actually do it and I think its so cute! I wouldnt know how to act dressing in lolita in this texas weather so I give kudos to these girls!

Here is a video on all the outfits from fashion show! Sorry for the angle and shakyness I had no tripod and ended up sitting on the floor due to not getting in everyones view? lol!

There were so many great looking lolitas at san japan i just wished i had four more hands or someone to help take photos haha! recording and taking photos was a complete struggle! There was also a lot of venders that sold lolita items even angelic pretty was there! and a few others! Becoming a princess is super pricey and takes up lots of room! I was thinking about doing a lolita segment on my channel and see their day and lives!! What do you guys think?

I have been watching kawaii international as well and I like how the show displays variety of ppl interested in the japanese culture! Makes me miss doing gal makeup! I have been pretty much watching this all week religiously!

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