I Just Want To Be A Coupon Queen.

by - Sunday, July 13, 2014

OHAYO! Been awhile huehue! Just wanted to let you guys know that I will be more active on my online type life? I just feel like this is my real passion in life and im slowly getting out of my depressed little bubble! I was in there for a very long time, but now that I am trying to change for the better I want to do things I was passionate about and not really give two hoots about what others say! That saying.... Love yourself before you love someone type stuff... I am trying to find myself and working so hard for it. I go through many phases and right now I am in couponing HAHA! I wish I did this sooner! Idk theres something about racing to get the top deals and collecting stuff... I am a hoarder I swear! But saving money is so great and getting the things I need for myself and family... Is the GREATEST feeling ever like... I get so excited when I get items for free hahaha! I am going to start doing weekly couponing hauls so that you guys can get the deals or Ill post it on my coupon instagram which is dfwcouponer

Here is a detailed video on how to coupon I hope you enjoy! I wish I could show you an example how to be rung out but alas, cameras are not allowed. I am sure if you watch extreme couponer online or netflix you will get the gist of it? Though I find the show to be super exaggerated since you cant double coupons lol, but it gives you an on look how to do it

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