Hello September!

by - Saturday, September 06, 2014

Hello cutie! Been awhile I know! I have been in the process of moving and it has taken me way longer than expected, but I managed to finally move in and trying to get situated... which is still in the works as we speak! Also roomates are throwing a house party and I am no where near finished unpacking...  Stress levels are super high at this point and I have to pick up my dresser that is waiting for me at this awesome thrift shop! I wonder if they swap items for items... I bought a dresser off craigslist still in box brand spankin new only to mess that shit up... never have I seen such a complicated fucking dresser! drawers are all crooked and im just here like WOMP.  You can actually see it in the photo how horrid that dresser is... I even had christian help me and it still came out being a piece of shit LOL! I bought a lot of cute decor from ross like the curtains and many other things! I think I spent over $400 on decor and about $200 in house essentials so broke.... Just so much stress

On the plus side to moving to dallas area is that I have access to all these yummy food places! not to mention stores where I can coupon! No more living in the boonies! I am so excited to like be done and officially moved in! I feel like my instagram has become this foodie thing lately haha! I have a strong passion for food huehue!

So other than moving and eating out, I am working two jobs just incase something happens orz I work at a korean cafe in the morning and head straight to salon after that... talk about brutal... I am not a morning person and having to wake up 4am and work till 12pm then to another job running on 4 hrs of sleep daily... I feel like im going to pass out LOL I will prob have this sched for two months or until i find a salon that has high cliental coming in! It sucks sometimes when you in this type of industry.... Times are hard so ppl dont really pamper themselves as much as it use to be.. But once I get the hang of doing false nails and eyelash extensions I will be a jack of all trades :3!!! I just want to make a lot of money and travel... Thats a goal of mine hehe! Any who that is about it on my end! I hope you have a great weekend xoxo!

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