Get ready with me!

by - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hello there! I think I am burnt out on couponing and getting into korean makeup and just focusing on online stuff more haha! Its a good thing right? I usually have to wear a full face for work and I am loving doing this makeup combination. I have dark circles and freckles that I absolutely dread them haha but alas the power of makeup easily hides all that! I am into korean celeb type makeup but I have a round/oval shaped head so contour is a MUST. 

The video is a bit long since I included hair crazy swooshin and applying other things! I usually dont like doing full face since... comments be on the real rude sometimes lol so im just mehh about it! But now that I am working on myself and what not, I will be showing myself more often! Gaining confidence little baby steps at a time!

The face shop opened in arlington and had this sale going on so I decided to check it out and got items that were either 20-50% off YAS! Also ordered a lot of nail goodies from ebay and hopefully get them in to do more nail tutorials! Getting super obsessed with japanese nail art lately!

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