June in a nutshell

by - Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello cutie! It has been awhile! Safe to say I am gradually getting back into my youtube/blogging life? Lots of great news! I finally got my certification for cosmetology and if you dont know what that is, I can do hair, nails, facials, waxing, makeup! I never really needed it since you know I am already certified at sephora so yeah this just tops the cake for me and I will be able to work at other spas and things like that! My goal is to find something in dallas or in plano because I am usually there anyways and it would be amazing if I can look for a great spot that has high volume of clients coming in! Fingers crossed! I am also back on my diet, but im cutting out fruits and the carbs and I am guilty of having weekend cheat days, but not anymore! I was feeling pretty weak and my mind wasnt all there, so I ate really unhealthy last weekend and suffering for it now! I dropped five pounds none the less so I am a happy camper!

I have been on a... couponing craze as of late, like it is a new hobby of mine thus producing more haul videos LOL! but i have been doing make up looks dont trip bae! I gotchu! but yeah... other than couponing I have been looking for different salons to work at and apartments I pray I get out of this with no drama or fall backs! Cannot believe month went by so quick... July is upon us hehe

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