Gluten Free Oopsie "Bread" Recipe (Low Carb)

by - Friday, April 18, 2014

To all my carb lovers that are on a low carb diet like me or just want to cut down on sugars and all the bad, this recipe is great to try! I love carbs... I love love love pasta and buttery rolls and craved it a lot during my phase 2 on hcg... But this is such a great alternative to those cravings and lower intake on carbs! People who dont calorie count dont really realize how many items even fruits and veggies have carbs! Its not bad to consume, but you have to keep that stuff on moderation! The ratio to carb and protein... need to be higher in the protein vs the carbs huehue!

I put mine in a loaf pan and made about four slices... I tried to make round shaped ones in a baking pan, but failed horribly! I flatten them out a bit too much thus becoming some type of tortilla thing that i couldnt remove from the pan.... WASTED ALL OF THEM! and cried a bit, but I mean practice makes perfect right? Dont suffer from my mistake! Just plop a good amount onto that pan girlfriend!

Ingredients you will need:
4 large eggs ( separate whites from the yolks )
1 pkg of cream cheese (full fat)
1 tsp baking powder
1 pkg of stevia or sweetener
seasonings of choice

1. In two bowls, separate egg yolks from egg whites.
2. add your baking powder to egg whites and whisk till you form stiff peaks. set aside
3. add cream cheese to egg yolk mixture and your seasonings plus sweetener and mix till combine
4. combine egg whites to your cream cheese mixture gently till well incorporated
5. on a baking tray or brean pan form a good dollop of your mixture ( make sure they have space in between each other! the mixture does spread while cooking)
6. pre-heat oven to 300 and cook bread till golden brown

And that is pretty much it! This tasted really really yummy and easily kept in fridge and can be toasted day after! You can easily make 6-8 servings so i hope you give this a try!

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