Updates on me!

by - Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hello cutie! So I have one month under my belt with the hcg diet and lost a total of 20 lbs! I am quite proud of myself! I was expecting to lose more, but I keep trying to experiment what works with me and what not! I dont follow the meal plan to a T and sometimes I wish I done so bc I stall for a couple of days which doesnt help with my progression... All in all I will get down to my goal weight before I head out to cali and actually enjoy myself! I also bought all these different dressings and sauces from walden farms which has no calories, sugars, fats, etc! Hopefully it is super tasty and gets to me on time... My mother and a friend thinks I am torturing myself, but to me... It is a life change, a journey I need to go through in order to be happy about myself and a life I want! When I am passionate about something.. There is no turning back! My friends are starting to notice subtle signs of my change and it just makes me so pumped! My hair is also a more darker teal, sorry you cant really tell in photo, but it is ten times better than the green nasty hair i was sporting a good couple of weeks!

So why have I been so mia? Trying to search for new jobs and saving up for cali trip in july! Eating healthy isnt cheap! So no time to splurge on anything! I did pick up some jewelry at forever21 and I didnt realize how my fingers got smaller... In a way I am happy but pretty soon I wont be able to wear all of my beloved rings... I guess I should do a blog sale or something...

I also decided to get more finger tattoos as well! To remind me of my struggles and new life and all the changes I will go through while being in a calm matter... Majority of the tattoos I have on myself has a meaning to it... or life experience... I would love to have more, but after I find someone who can accept me for the way I am haha my mother is always saying... "who would marry a girl full of tattoos? Not a proper one." I try to not upset my mother much, but its not like the old days... even youngins have tattoos!

With that being said... I will try my hardest to be more active on my online social medias! And stay positive through this transition! I am also lucky to have someone to support me thru this and such a great guy! Remember to surround yourself with positive ppl and kick out the negative vibes! And I promise it will make life so much more worth while!

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