Low Carb Breakfast Egg and Turkey Bacon Cups

by - Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hi you guys! It has been awhile! But I wanted to share with you all that I am on a low carb diet! I am currently on phase 3 of the hcg diet and it calls for no sugars or starchy foods so I can partake in lots of fats and protein! UMMM YAY? I have been really good with my eating habits and here and there I want a snack, but I havent fell off the band wagon yet! I am also starting to add working out to my regimen! I am actually on my first day of jillian michael's 30 day shred and so far so good! Added in a 40 min walk as well and I feel great! Ok so onto the recipe! These super easy little breakfast cups are so nice for the morning after working out and not to mention low carbs! Not to mention you can meal prep this as well and make a dozen or so for the week! I usually eat 2 since my calorie intake has to be at 1200! But you can def eat it with other things! Here is what you will need!

large eggs
2 bacon ( I used turkey bacon which was 30 calories per slice and depending on how many you want to make or meal prep each 1 egg needs 2 slices of bacon.)
filling of your choice ( green onion, avacado, cheese, etc)
salt & pepper to taste 

All you really need to do is just make baskets/cups with your two bacon strips! then add whatever filling you would like, I used green onions! Though keep in mind there will be some water when you bite into them! Then cook for about 20 min till egg sets or if you want it on the runnier side do 10-15 minutes! While its still hot, add cheese and spices of your choosing and WALA! FINISHED! Depending if you put cheese or not these could equal up to 184 - 214 calories per little egg turkey muffing mababer!

Here is a video as well if you would like to see me cook it! I hope you give it a shot! Meal prepping srsly saves so much money and calories!

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