Simple Ulzzang Eye Makeup Tutorial

by - Thursday, May 02, 2013

Hello my lovelies so I am super obsessed with korean style makeup? Big sparkly eyes are always a win in my book! Just wish I had larger crease sobbing......... I envy girls with large creases! You can do so many looks with them vs. my little almond eyes oh lawd the struggles! But any ways minimal makeup is always a win! and the tutorial calls for very little items to use

Ive been practicing the under eye bag illusion? If you havent noticed many korean ulzzangs or celebrities have it! Its called aegyo-sal? Eye smile but its basically eye bags lol! I have one eye bag on my right eye and left eye its non existant so I have to really work with that one as well sobs! aegyo sal is not really eye bags like you think! its more puffy looking vs. dark yuk eye bags! But if u dont have its easy to fake! Now to learn how to fake a crease without it looking super derpy... That would be amazing

I've also been into the lip ombre as well! A popular trend in asia for years now hehe just looks innocent and youthful! I have been just all about dat kawaii lyfe lately! Ill try to do a tutorial on it hehehurhur!

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