Collective Drugstore Haul: Flower Collection, BB Creams, Mac Dupe

by - Saturday, May 04, 2013

Hello my baby! I know I am super late on this and I want to kick myself for not getting these items sooner! The much raved about flower line exclusive to walmart is so fancy looking! I like the packaging? Well mixed feels hahah some look weird while others look high end? For a drugstore product must say this stuff and also the display is really nice! One thing I wanted with a passion and searched about 6 walmarts for is the bb cream in shade #2.... WHY IS THAT SUCKER SO HARD TO GET?!?!?!?! Sobs...But I grabbed quite a few items to try out and hopefully I will fall in love with these! Most likely... These will probably make it into my favorites for next month huehuehue

I am on a mission to collect drugstore bb creams! I have tried the garnier one and I hated it with a passion! felt like a tinted moisturizer or americanized one? But you guise know I love over sea bb cream and have a good collection of it! If you guise want I can do a BB cream collection video? Maybe hahaha! but yes I decided to get the revlon photoready bb cream and also the maybelline one! My friends gave me good reviews on them so I purchased them! I did try the revlon bb cream and like the consistency, but I'll try the product for a week or so and do a review! I will be doing more exclusive reviews on products via blog for you guise now! going to blog correctly hahaha! notice my blog is more on personal side more than anything? SOOOO time to be a better blogger hehehe

For the FIN I bought a mac dupe lipstick and my favorite eyeliner omgadddd its super creamy and lasting powa is so da nice! retractable liner > pencil liners haha but yeah! I am on a dupe kind of obsession and trying to find cheap lippies that compare to high end idk this hunting kind of thing is fun? Like easter egg hunt or something... or golden ticket LOL

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