Iphone Bling Case Review

by - Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Website here

Hello my sweet! Ok ok ok if you are into like deco and bling stuff definitely check this website out! Seriously bling over load!!! Ive been eyeballing their website for awhile now, but everything was pretty expensive like in the $100's which it should be for all the work they put in it! But now everything is on sale and they are doing a promo for free shipping so go go go!

Website is easy to navigate, staff is friendly, shipped fairly quickly? They do take about two weeks to make it! and everything is packaged nicely so lot of good things from luxaddiction and no complaint! and if you are into deco and what not.... I think its a better alternative to buy when its on sale vs you buying all the gems and cabochons and come out to be more?

Here is a full review video! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by hehe

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