Nail Art Obsessions and Future Looks

by - Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello my sweet! I have been in a nail obsession as of lately and since my nails are nice and long I cant help but do so many things to them! I wish I knew how to do them better? Like I feel like im some what of a noobie at it and would love to have nail designs like the ones in japan or other such artists! If only I can find out their secrets!

for example I love britney tokyo and a few other things? I want to try and re-create the look and see how it goes! I love tumblr haha my source of many ideas!

Someone requested a tutorial on this look I did on my nails last week and it is really simple once you get the hang of the brush! It took me awhile haha! But if you have claw nails I think simple designs are best? I cant really go too cray with them since I do enjoy simple looks!

Future nail looks I have in store for you guise! Hopefully I will get better at this and try more things! I am always fascinated by japan and all the wonders.... I would love to go there and just learn things and shop! That would be a dream come true!

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