Halloween aftermath

by - Monday, November 01, 2010

hey hey hey! hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! i sure didnt? LOL! ill walk u through my weekend! so sat we had to dress up for work i happened to be lady gaga.... since im the smart one and looked for costumes last minute so i bought a wig and a big bow and wore my blazer and a bling bling top and my ed hardy shoes! and i also wore it to church later on that day thinking i would be like out all night so yeah... lots of stare downs and one old guy stopped and smiled at me LOL my mom was sitting infront of me and looked back with a scolding look HAHAHAHA! i wasnt hoochi at all i swearrrrr~ so later on after work went to a house party that my cousin told me would be filled with hot ppl which totally wasnt... it was like a barren waste land! and the host? didnt even get food just chips and salsa and my cousin brought cupcakes? LOL! but i did meet a few nice ppl! and went to ihop later so it was an ok night! sunday just worked and watched movies at home hehe

so i wished the weekend was a bit better more pizzaz more bromance more anything haha but its okie got my retail therapy! i know i have problem... mom actually told me to go seek help for that LOL!!!!!! im a junky! little haulage! i found a rilakumma or the kir... something hahaha! bag at hmart and i bought the charm in seattle at the japanese grocery store with the book place?! ISNT IT SO CUTE! i love san-x characters! and did i mention i really like the guys in seattle? just saying LOL! i love hmart haha

next is hair products! ive been eyeballing the s factor i think by bed head? anyways someone told me about it and so i decided to try it out. the ingredients includes sunflower oil and i really like the heat protectant spray and the serum is nice! the hair mask though i dont think im really fan of. serum also i have to apply on damp hair if you put on dry it um makes your hair gross LOL

ok so halloween i wanted to do all these looks for youtube but i was in the middle of moving thus didnt get around to it so i bought the cheap costume makeup and the consistancy was horrible! so i went to mac and bought their white foundation and face acrylic so expensive! and the texture of foundation is creamy but it wasnt so fun to apply took a lot to make it look even and i didnt open up the red.... hahaha i had my nyx jumbo stick instead to use! i tried to do a bleach hollow mask? i never watched the anime, but i saw a pic of it and thought that would be so cool! and the black i used hip gel liner. oh and i also purchased a brush cleanser since clinique discontinued making their awesome brush cleaner stuff i bought mac instead... a lil bit more but it works fine~

i splurged on a juicy necklace that i absolutly adore! i wish it wouldnt tarnish on me! but the clerk told me i can get it dipped and it will come out looking new! YAY! wish i knew that sooner LOL! i love juicy coutureeeee hahahaaha and i also got a mini of their new fragrance! its so so! its like fresh flowery scent~

hehe mini haul/weekend post for you! life is pretty hectic! been studying lots, dealing with family drama, friend moving away to cali omg emotional wreck pretty soon! and i recently hanged out with friends and like... man they are so open about things? sleeping naked and types of monlthy cycles? i guess im just straight up old school? LOL sleeping naked with ur kid playing with your titties just disturbs me a bit... half the girls at work sleep like that and me? im covered up! i have too many kids going in and out of my room to be sleeping like that... might scare someone! LOL! i should just be a freakn nun... after i get my shopping habits out of my system and not drool over boys... men... jay park hahah just sayin! hope u guys have a good week!

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