small update

by - Monday, November 29, 2010

hello everyone! so as u guys know ive been shopping up a storm for november and im so glad i saved up for it! bought two new cameras that is dual side so i dont have to fluster over mirrors and crap!!!! i actually had a friend come over and decided to use her as my test piggy and will make three part vid? how to contour the face, new years look, how to apply mineral foundation! *wheeze* LOL! and also i did lots of damage at sephora and didnt open any of em yet... u guys cant understand how itchy my fingers are!!!!!!! i wont open till i make a video!! bahaha

omg did u guys know about this cyber monday? wth how come i never heard of this!?!?!?! new york and company is 50% off entire store plus free shipping, stila is having good sales omgee.... i feel like.... im going to have a poof of air coming out of my wallet and a moth coming out of it....

but yeah... just a small heads up on a review to come and more shopping for the weekend cuz i am in need of a temptu and some perfumes hurhurhur OMGAH! so the other day.... i went to chipotle because... thats the place to be right? WELL! i parked right infront of the store and when i went out i did the usual, pressed the unlock button and climbed into my charcoal colored camry and then... i noticed my cup holder was close ( which i dont ever close) and a card was on top of it... so i was like... wth did someone went into my car?! i was flipping out and thought someone might be behind me and slowly turned around only to see a pile of shit in the back so i was like... wait this isnt my car so i litterally jumped out the car to see mine next to it LMAO! OMGAH! who the eff leaves their car unlocked like that!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! i was so embarrassed when i went to my car.... im sure the evil person recorded my priceless facial expression and watch it be on youtube... "dumb asian girl went in wrong car" sigh! who does that... i wouldnt park my car next to the same exact model.... and leave it unlock... i shoulda started grabbing stuff out that car is what i shoulda done -_-;;

ok just wanted to share a funny story and update u on my oh so fantasticlly boring life! :P i srsly need to go rehab.... shopping like this... i need to indulge in something else bahaha

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