tattoo fanatic? I THINK SO!

i just... had to share with u all! LOL i got another tat done a few days ago and got my other tat re-done since it faded so horribly! but i got a peacock feather with a chanel chain wrapping in between the feather! ive always been fascinaited with the feather and how it symbols luxury or faith. anywho its good and the chain means freedom or bound and i love how the chanel chain in their temp tat looked so i used that and also added a bell which is for goodluck! i want to get more tattoos actually! and im going to get the "eye" part colored in next time and maybe the chain? what do y'all think? yay or nay on the chain hehe so anywhooooo i want more tattoos! getting my mothers favorite flower on my back, and my grandmothers fave flower on my sides? and a sparrow on my foot. i like the meaning of the sparrow if im not mistaken something that has to do with togetherness and family.

sooo yeah just wanted to share with u all that i am now a tattoo junkie. ive always liked it since i was little when i would have sleepovers at my uncles! hes my favorite uncle not exactly the best role model hes just.... so fun and no bull shit. hehehe

funny story? i tried to hide it from my mom since she freaks out LOL but yeah i got it on my wrist and was letting it dry.... so she practically stabbed my arm with her finger and asked what it was OMGAH! LOL! and my brother went with me and got it done and dad told me i was spawn of satan and bad influence and tainted my brother BAHAHAH omg.... i like how my brother choice is my fault... we are of age not kids but u know asian parents... mother said no man will marry me which is ok haha

Phiphi Nguyen


loveSHARA said...

I love tattoos too. I have a rib piece that is a huge phrase from the buddhist thing for parents. My parents FREEAAAKED and yeah my mom says no good man would want me. I was like eh. Tattoos are addicting. Gah!

Evenice said...

love the tattoo....makes me want to get one too!

Thii said...

OMG I love the Chanel chain, such a pretty idea ♥
ur uncle is cool :D


ahhh, that's sickkk, super cute <3
does it hurt a lot :x? I really wanna get one for my eighteenth... but i'm not so pain tolerant T.T LOL. & like yours, my mom would pop her head if she found out >.< ah, but I love the chanel logo, very classsy(=

CyndiixPii said...

PHIIIIIII!! omg i love the new tattoo! is it on the other wrist not with the bow??

tehe you get it done in dallas?

duude know what you mean bout the parents... i hid my first one successfully for more than a year til my parents saw-- til i found out they liked it! haha says it's very mee but mommy doesn't like the boys that come with the tattoos lol oooh well!!

BUT OMO i miss yooou! and next time you want to do a tat, call me!! i might wanna get my fourth one done or complete my back... who knooooows