wannabe wannabe wannabe!

by - Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hello! hope everyones ready for thanksgiving! stretchy pants are ready!!! hehe im going to be cooking lots mmmm making a rustic apple cheese tarte, cheesecake and yummy garlic herb mashtatters mmmm mouth is drooling right now! so anyways some news? i cut off all my hair! shocking i know! my hairs never been this short since... jr. high... and those are ancient times! FOR SERIOUS! and i have no idea what im to do with it... cutting it was to help my hair from all the damage ive been doing to it and i also added a few highlights! im really in love with gyaru fashion more these days so my inspirations and haul will be so japanese influenced lol wannabe right?!

so my first paul and joe order! I LOVE IT! im such a sucker for packaging like noooo joke! i got the face powder and the winter lipstick its the frosty pink one and omg its a little cat! i wanted to alice in wonderland blotting papers but iiiii dont have oily problems so i didnt buy it sigh... but all in all im happy with my cute purchase! :D

next is my first dolly wink purchase! and its bottom lashes hurhur! i like it because of the clear band and i cant wait to try it out ooowee and i was looking to purchase the glue but i couldnt find it, but the lashes did come with a mini bottle so we will see if the lasting power is good. and i re-purchased my black face wash that i really love! (sorry idk what its called) i like how my face is minty and fresh feeling afterwards!

next i purchased a rillakuma drink thingy! im obsessed with rilakkuma and strawberry things lately! also bought a small bottle of viva la juicy! for my purse hehehe

forever21 ring haul! i am in love.... with rings!! even though some do tarnish i just like em on my fingers bahahaha!!!! i dont really like stuff around my neck so its either rings or bracelets for me :3

oh! i wanted to show u guys a few of the clients i did! omg i love weddings like no other LOL! but i did a few and they are so sweet! im slowly getting to do clients at the salon and it feels so wonderful to do others makeup! its better to do it on them than on me lol if that makes any sense!

just a small haul! im already starting my wishlist for christmas isnt that sad? and im also black friday shopping for a new tv and camera cannot wait!!! but yeah.... i am going to get my clarisonic today and a few skincare items so excited! will just go down the list LOL! geez.... these are my broke months.... T.T hope everyone has a good one! i love my tweets from ppl talking about my blog it makes me SO HAPPY

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