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by - Monday, October 25, 2010

hello hello! so today is boring day and super slow at work so ill just post up pics to minimize my haul folder? yes i made a folder for my hauls and its getting a little... too much up in there so ill do a forever 21 haul! LOL! i love forever21, rue21, image like... those are the places where i buy my outfits hehehe and here is some pics that i tried to do wavey hair with that damn crimper thing! looked a hot mess with just one side so so other one was just flat and akward!

i love lace like no other... its so classy to me! and its long and flowy towards the end! LOVE IT! have it in black also.
i love baggy clothes and i dont really wear much colors but i thought the lips looked so cute! my wardrobe isnt as crazy hip like the ulzzang styles lately? i like it though! just when i try i look like... a boy so i fail.
FLORAL TOPS IS THA BEST hehehehe so gyaru right? i just love it to pieces! i love everything hahaha but this top makes my boobies look bigger BAHAHA! :P
this dress is fitted and it has pockets... pockets are the bomb! hahaha dont have to shove things in the boobage area hehe

i rarely wear heels since my mom and all my cousins and aunts are shorter than me so they tell me im a giant beast T.T im 5'5 1/2? LOL and they are like 5'0-5'2 foreals.... most the kids in high school no majority were all taller than me?! but yeah i really loved the heels and that they were nude! flats are more my thing and i like bows with a passion!

so thats my forever21 haul! something to share and minimize space intake hehehe i have a tumblr u guys! that i freakn love! post pics when bored and those weird cartoon stick figures with the ugly faces? LOL i die when i see those posts! and i have poupee too hehehe add me cuz idk how! tumbrl is styleganji and poupee is phichigo

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