happy its friday!

long long awaited haulage and halloween look? LOL i hope everyone's Halloween was splendid! mine was interesting... worked and then went to uncles house for a birthday party to only find out it was over... so i stayed to sample his burgers? hes opening another resturant with high class burgers i supose? for like ten something a meal, but omg... it was so freakn tasty!!!! after that i was going to a friends party and picking up everyone was a hot mess! took forever!!! and then only to find out the birthday girl bounced her party and went bar hoping? wth??? so we went on a long ass drive to only be canceled... but it was nice to see all my old friends haha!

so that was halloween... so funn.. hehe after thatt nothing much? will announce the winners soon just things came up at work... and im barely there with my manager so sit tight! hm hm hmmm salon didnt have power since dad forgot to pay so it was hotttt and bugs and birds kept coming in.... hahaha hot mess! but i managed to get a lot of nail stuff done! and totally forgot my camera at home... and i have no idea where it is so ill just use phone camera sigh~

mom gave me some lash yummyness?!?! omg i was so excitedddd to get it! i cant wait to get long lashes hehe! since mine are so asian and stubby ._.;; and had to get me some phyto in 9 since it has two extra plant extracts in it? omg... ladies my hair is always dry and frizzy, but this stuff makes it so soft i cant help but to play with my hair and touch it all the timee! i def recommend this product! i fell in love with a sample haha and had to get it! the sales lady try to sell a serum with it, but you really dont need that sucker haha just fyi this product is good on its own!

eyeshadow loveeeee! needed some light colors and some pop colors? i love stila barbie smudge pots, but they barely had any! so many awsome shadows! been wanting to try out smashbox too and mufe's loose shadows! cant wait to useeeeeee

wanted to try the cream blush by stila for awhileeee! needed some eyeprimer and mascara... wanted to try brown.. haha i wanted to try many things! primer... i like cant stresss enough how amazing it will make your eyes look! wont crease up on ya, show the true pigments, long lasting, wont look like a raccoon by the end of the day! hehe anddd im pretty much a mascara junkieee always wanting to try many different kinds! since i really love long lashes and jealous of those who have it naturally T_T

ok... i freaked out when i saw the smashbox palettes on sale... holly molly and i snaged both! i love the packaging! so harry potter looking LMAO!!! and i like the high deff powder and the brush! i can refill it with my mufe hd powder bwahaha! heard good things about the concealerrr cant wait to use! i think ill use it later on today when i go out! needed some lip scrub mmmm! i love how its pepperminty!

LMAO! i.... am a makeup junkie DONT JUDGE MEEEEEE! ;D most the things i bought i want to try out or dont have those types of colors! im super excited! im off today so ill make a vid for sure on what im going to sport today hehehe!

sooo did i tell you i love coooking? and i have a big fam... parents always working late so i contribute when i can! i love to experiment, but not my family... eat the same thing weekly? so boringgggg! made coconut rice with chili peppers and garlic, pork, marinated beef with shrimp and squid, egg drop soup, cabbage with egg and peanuts yummmm! my mom didnt really complain muchhh her motto is so funny.... my grandpa told her that even if the food taste like shit you got to make it look good and presentable.... LMAOOOO!!! so when my mom cooks its nice and pretty? so i guess ill do that too! HAhA!

mom is full of amazing lessons and stuff... she doesnt like spicey foods so she use to tell me that if i ate too much of it ill burn a hole in my stomach, my hair will fall out if i dont do this and that... LOOOL! i guess its superstition?? idk?? asians... ;D i tell u i have the fobbest house on the street! mirrors above every door, dad wears crazy voodoo things to prevent evil to get him ummm no umbrellas are allowed in the houseeee, omg when the bird went into the salon everyone had a cow... what is up with birds and bad luck? hit one and oh u done it now! like... 7 yrs of bad luck? bird in the house is a crime... LOOOLOLOLOL the list goes on and onnnnnnnn!

hehe well i hope everyone has a good weekend! i need to go out and deeestress! going to go eat korean with my cousin and maybe do some shopping in the process! afterwards little cousins birthday party! i never have a friday off! visiting friends and fam i cant wait!

Phiphi Nguyen


xphoebelinax said...

awww the food looks delicious! and i love the haul@ :)

Rue said...

So saving my money for Smashbox primer! ;p You have a cute blog, hehe.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love the FOTD and your haul!

JeanieOBeanie said...

im not an expert...i heard from someone that its actually good look if a bird flies into your house..im geussing its bad luck if a the bird is dead...

Celeste said...

ooh, you should do before and after pictures of your lashes! i've been dying to try out revitalash...but i don't know how reliable it is..? haha and your cooking is making me drool! ;)

CyndiixPii said...

omg giiiirl i know about that superstitious stuff!!! my mom is like that!! mirrors and everything, she has a little book too!! ooooooh burgerrs. girl i am so hungry after our talk bout korean&& your food looks amazing!!!! tehehe muah<3

pinksugarichigo said...

hehe you look so cute in your photo :D i love fafi!!

i love your makeup hauls.. you have a lot.. i can't keep track of it :P when i get a job, ill probably be obsessed as you.. looking forward to your new video

btw, omg - coconut rice with chili peppers and garlic.. sounds so delicious.. mine giving me the recipe?? i love anything with coconut.. im obsessed with it.. its' great you love to cook.. i love it myself too! :D

and funny about your superstitious parents :D your dad does voodoo.. wow amazing..

Madeleine M. said...


I just happened to pass by your blog.

will follow it~

MiSsBuNnYLuBerz said...

I love how you did your makeup, it was only for halloween?