wooo dizzy dizzy! haulage

by - Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so whats up with me... i went to vegas couple of weeks ago? i love vegas! the strip is so beautiful and so many different cultures! like a neon lighted melting pot with thousands of flavors???! hahah! i got to see justin timberlake concert for a children hospital fund and omg... so many singers! ciara, tlc, snoop dog, taylor swift, alicia keys, timberland just some that i remebered... i was in amazment! there was some pretty crazy girls around us and this one gay guy who gave his girl buddies crazy lap dances that made me kinda shiver... it wasnt sexy at all the way he looked... was like a worm on a hook! and the girls around us... a hot mess. really? u look like u could be my moms age XDDDDD!!!! not being mean... if u were there u would see what im talkin about ;D but i had fun! my fave performance was ciara and tlc, though they did lip sinc it was amazing to see them live~

went to the cesar mall and wanted to go get some juicy earings ive been meaning to buy for sometime now since i lost my other ones T_T and what do u know!? they had a student 20% off deal thingo so hell yeah went and got me two pairs and a phone charm!!! ahahah i bought the phone case from a cart thingy hehe im a juicy girl! though i hate the jewelery... necklace and rings tarnish like crazy on me! darn my skin!!! i wish they would make the quality better... the price is too much for what they are??? earing though dont tarnish on me... so i have a bunch :D

sephora in vegas is amazingly huge! and i love going here! so many to choose from! i found the fab shiseido wipes a few blogger babes rave about so i had to get me some of that! even snag me some blotting papers! needed some moisture! so i got some body creams from fresh yummm a few other things to try out as well!!! needed some new orgasm blush hehe and laura mercier's hydrating primer loooooove it! i am currently obsessed with skin care lately... i guess because the seasons are changing and my skin gets insanley dry... and omggg i am loving coral colored nail polishhh!!!!

went to h&m and found a shirt for the bf and some cute cute cute beanies! i was looking for the hello kitty sweater, but couldnt find... i like beanies and scarfs for some reason... i have so many haha!!!!

also bought the siblings little gifts! went to urban outfitters and got them little collective toys and went to a csi event game thing... was not fun... uncles and cousins wanted to go do it so badly i just tagged a long~ my sister loves this stuff! pens that look like little shots... ew... XD
sooo all in all vegas was fun! after that i went and busily entered in names for contests and set up holiday looks for both of my jobs so tiring! but im glad im working! ill be done with school soon i cant wait! i cant wait to finally be able to move out soon and be on my own and take care of a certain someone hehe well ladies its late and im trying my best to update more! love you all and have a blessed week!

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